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At Regis, we care about your hair and want it to stay in the best possible condition.

Whether you’ve come in for a cut, colour or beauty treatment, we believe that you should leave each appointment looking and feeling great. Our stylists take pride in creating a relaxing salon experience where you can truly sit back and trust the hair experts to create beautiful looking hair.

As part of The Regis Promise, our expert stylists believe that regular salon visits will help keep your hair strong and healthy.

Why is it important to re-book your next appointment?

 1.Keep your salon hair colour looking fresh

After 4 or 5 weeks, hair colour can begin to fade, and your regrowth can start to show through. Maintain your professional hair colour by booking in every 6 weeks to ensure your hair colour always looks fresh and vibrant. We know this can be tough, with busy schedules and various life factors – so our stylists recommend popping in for a toner or hair glossing treatment in between your hair colour appointments. This is an affordable way of extending the length of time before your next colour appointment whilst preventing your colour from losing its vibrancy in between appointments.

2.Book in advance to ensure you get a day and time that suits you

Time can slip away from us all. And if you haven’t re-booked, before you know it it’s been 6 weeks and you’re struggling to get a last-minute appointment! Take the pressure off yourself and make sure that you book in advance to guarantee a day and time that suits you. At least that way, our stylists can lock it in, and if a change is needed closer to the day, we can try and accommodate a more suitable time. Besides, it’s always a pleasant surprise when ‘Regis hair appointment’ pops up in the diary!

3.Trim away those split ends

It’s a known fact that regularly trimming your hair can prevent split ends. If left too long, severe split ends can even cause the hair to break, where the damage eventually travels up the hair shaft, affecting the remaining length of hair. The key is to stay on top of regular trims. If you are growing your hair and worried about losing too much, booking in every 6-8 weeks will help you keep split ends at bay whilst maintaining the length of your hair.

To show how much we care, we uphold the Regis Promise:
We promise to ask you to book your next appointment with us before you leave the salon. But if we forget to ask, we’ll offer your next service for free*

*Free service must be claimed prior to paying your bill to qualify; claims after this point will be invalid. Free service will be the same as the service you received on the day of the offer.

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