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Alternative Beauty Treatments Explained

Here at Regis we know that sometimes you like to keep it simple and there’s nothing quite like a good old facial to do the trick. However we also know that sometimes it’s great to spice things up a bit, which is why we have a whole range of alternative beauty treatments on offer to our fabulous guests. It’s easy to feel spoilt for choice or blinded by science so we are here to explain to you the ins and out of our extensive treatment menu before you go ahead and book.

Reflexology is a firm favourite amongst Regis regulars and we don’t blame ‘em! Your feet aren’t just there to show off a beautiful new pair of shoes, they are also the gateway to ultimate relaxation and inner healing. This ancient Chinese therapy links various reflex points on your feet with your internal organs and by massaging these specific zones, illnesses and stress can be reduced or even eliminated. Based on the theory that the energy flowing around our bodies needs to be free in order for us to be balanced and healthy, this treatment is ideal for anyone looking to de-stress, wind down and soothe any aches and pains (mentally or physically).

Now we know some of us can get a little squeamish when it comes to feet so you lot are going to love our Indian head massages. This treatment focuses on your inner energy system using gentle, non-invasive Reiki therapy to comfort, heal and rebalance the body when it is feeling a little battered by the stresses of modern-day life. The treatment usually lasts for an hour or so with each healing position held for several minutes. Wether you’re seated or horizontal, the main thing we want to generate from this treatment is comfort and tranquility. Reiki is so powerful that it is even able to pass through plaster casts so for those of you who prefer to keep you clothes on – this is great for you.

There’s nothing quite like a multi-sensory experience and our popular aromatherapy massages are a testament to this very theory. Best likened to eating a hot cupcake fresh out the oven as the sweet smell of baking circulates in the air, this treatment uses highly concentrated essential oils and lotions to deliver a truly divine experience. The nostrils are attached to a part of the brain known as the limbic system, which controls emotions and hormones. So, as these oils are massaged into the skin and absorbed into the body, you inhale the essential oil molecules which work their magic on heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, memory, digestion and immunity. Each oil has different healing properties to either calm, uplift, energise, cleanse or decongest and it’s all natural too!

In this day and age we’re all about multi-tasking so it comes as no surprise that our stone therapy treatments are a huge hit as they tend to body, mind and spirit. Going way beyond the physical pleasure and benefits of a regular massage, stone therapy reaches in to touch a much deeper dimension of relaxation, health and well-being. We offer a full-body version of the treatment but if you’re a beginner and looking to experiment then why not check out our back, neck and shoulder edition.

It’s a matter of trial and error to identify what treatment your body responds best to but we can promise it will be a whole lot of fun in the experimenting process. Head on over to our site to see the full range of treatments or pop in to local Regis salon and our trained therapists will be more than happy to guide you.

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