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Discover Sothys Skincare

Sothys’ luxurious beauty products are reflective of the brand’s passion for helping both men and women look and feel their absolute best, whatever their age or skin type. For over 60 years Sothys has conducted thorough scientific research to continuously develop innovative and effective products that always strive to achieve unrivalled excellence.

With such a selection of prestigious products, we couldn’t be more pleased to be stocking the Sothys skincare range online at ShopRegis. If you’re new to Sothys or looking to give a new product a try, take a look at a few of our tip picks to discover your perfect skincare products…

Immuniscience Skin Cream (£34.50)

Shield your skin from the damaging elements of daily life with the Sothys Immuniscience Skin Cream. Our beauty therapists love this cream for its non-greasy finish and 24 hour protection, making it ideal for use every day. Perfect for making sure your complexion looks great, whatever the world throws your way.

Hydradvance Intensive Serum (£61.50)

Help your skin stay looking beautifully hydrated with Sothys Hydradvance Intensive Hydrating Serum. The formula contains Sothys’ patented ingredient, 1055 baletus – an anti-oxidant that works to stimulate the skin’s natural barriers to protect from the elements and keep you looking fresh-faced and revived at all times. Smooth a small amount of serum over your face and neck for an instant hydration boost.

Eau Thermale Velvet Cleansing Water (£19.00)

You’ll look forward to your daily cleansing routine with the Sothys Eau Thermale Spa Velvet Cleansing Water. The luxurious formula works to clean away dirt, grime and daily build-up in one step – perfect for fitting into a busy lifestyle. Simply apply to a cotton pad and gently sweep over your face, follow with your toner and moisturising cream.

Anti-Ageing Grade 4 Serum (£70.50)

Sothys’ anti-ageing serum is available in four stages depending on how far along the ageing process your skin is. We love the Sothys Anti-Ageing Grade 4 Serum for a really intensive boost. The neutri-ceutical flax complex and rice peptides work together to plump up the surface of your skin, stimulating collagen and elastin to help you achieve a younger-looking, fresher complexion.

Dark Circle Eraser (£23.00)

Do you find you still suffer from dark circles under your eyes even after a few nights of decent sleep? Try the Sothys Dark Circle Eraser which utilises an innovative tinted emulsion to disguise shadows to help perk up your complexion so you look visibly refreshed every day, even after a late night.

(Image courtesy of Sothys)

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