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Essential Beauty Benefits of Having a Facial

If you always take care of your skin at home, you might wonder whether booking a facial at your local salon is worth it. We quizzed our Head of Beauty, Fran Hayter, on the main benefits of a professional facial – and after you’ve read them, we’re sure you’ll be rushing to your local beauty salon in no time.

It rejuvenates the skin. 

It may seem obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of a facial is just how amazing your skin will feel afterwards. Whatever type of facial you opt for – cleansing, resurfacing or toning, to name just a few – you will definitely leave the salon with healthier, cleaner and more radiant skin. Giving our skin the attention that it needs is a must, and a deep treatment such as a facial can work wonders.

You get one-on-one time with an expert.

During your facial, the therapist will discuss with you any areas of concern for your skin. You can ask for advice on any skin problems that you currently have, or see if there is anything that an expert eye notices that you haven’t spotted before. Our therapists are real experts when it comes to skincare, so feel free to grill them for their tips and tricks.

You can take away amazing new products. 

Your therapist will be on hand to offer you product recommendations based on your skin type and areas of concern. At Regis, we stock an amazing range of skincare brands and products that you can buy after your treatment and take away with you. Not only will these allow you to experience the luxury of the spa at home, but they will also help you fix any existing skin issues and maintain great skincare.

It gives you time for yourself. 

As well as being fantastic for your skin, a relaxing facial has added benefits for your mental and emotional wellbeing. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to switch off and take some time for yourself. A facial can be anywhere between 20-90 minutes of pure indulgent relaxation, which is perfect for recharging your mind as well as rejuvenating the skin.

You can fight the signs of ageing. 

Many women only begin treating their skin with facials as they start to age, but as the saying goes: prevention is better than cure. The earlier you begin having regular facials, the better your skin will be as you grow older. Of course, there are also plenty of facial treatments available for fighting the signs of ageing that have already appeared – ask your therapist when booking which type will best suit your needs.

Of course, individual facials will have different benefits depending on their type – some will add moisture or provide a clearer complexion, while others can offer unbelievable lifting and firming results. However, there are so many benefits of facials beyond their advertised effects, which we think are just as important- so what are you waiting for?

To book a facial, find your local Regis beauty salon and give them a call. For more hair and beauty tips, don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter.

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