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Essential Beauty Benefits of Having a Facial

At Regis, we feel nothing can match the feeling you get when you glide your fingers over your face and feel that beautifully soft and supple skin. Most of us try to follow a daily skin care routine at home with everyday moisturisers, exfoliators and perhaps the occasional face mask when you realise your skin is looking a bit worse for wear. Some of us might even invest in a good eye cream when we spot dark circles and those dreaded crow’s feet start to appear. It might not be an elaborate skin care routine, but at least it helps to maintain your skin. Nonetheless, it’s always good to let the professionals take care of your skin occasionally and give it a good detox so that you’ve got a nice clean canvas to work from again. Face masks and cucumber slices for your eyes are all good and well, but when it comes to expert skin care, a visit to your beauty salon is incomparable.

If you think that facials are nothing but a frivolous way to pamper your skin, let us prove you wrong.

If you always take care of your skin at home, and reckon you do a pretty good job of it (and you probably do!), you might wonder if booking a facial at your local Regis beauty salon is worth it. Visiting a salon may seem like a superfluous luxury, but in our busy, stress-filled lives, our therapists say it should be considered a necessity.

We quizzed our network of beauty therapists on the main beauty benefits of a professional facial vs. an at home mask- and after you’ve read them, we’re sure you’ll be rushing to your local beauty salon in no time.

It rejuvenates the skin. 

It may seem obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of a facial is just how amazing your skin will look and feel afterwards. Even if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, severe acne, or any other skin related problems, there’s no better way to ensure your skin stays that way by booking in with a trained professional to help keep it healthy and free of skin issues. Whatever type of facial you opt for – cleansing, resurfacing or toning, to name just a few – you will definitely leave the salon with healthier, cleaner and more radiant skin.

A professional facial will cleanse your face thoroughly too, which is not possible at home as it’s safe to say that we lack the skin expertise required to know which products to use as well as where and how to apply them. Your skin needs to get rid of the waste that it accumulates on a daily basis and if it’s not done correctly or regularly, it can result in breakouts. That’s why a professional skin detox is absolutely necessary if you want refreshed and rejuvenated looking skin. Apart from cleansing and washing your face every day, facials are an important component to your beauty routine to help detoxify your skin.

CACI facial woman

Our therapists gave us an analogy which totally made sense to us: think of it this way – despite stocking up on medicines at home, it’s still recommended that you go and see your doc for a check-up, right? Think of your professional facial as the equivalent of an MOT for your skin.  

Giving our skin the attention that it needs is a must, and a deep treatment such as a facial can work wonders, whereas with an at-home face mask the effects are much more temporary and surface based. At home face masks are generally used to reduce the dryness of skin which is a great way to keep your skin maintained at home. But it is not to be confused with a facial. A facial is a beauty treatment for the face that involves various steps in order to clean and improve the complexion of your face. It deeply cleanses the skin and pores, removes extra oil, blackheads and breakouts and works on the dryness of the face and rather importantly rejuvenates tired or wrinkled skin. Our range of CACI, Guinot and Crystal Clear facial treatments are a real WIN in the beauty world.

You get one-on-one time with an expert.

During the facial, your therapist will discuss any areas of concern for your skin. You can ask for advice on any skin problems that you may currently have or see if there is anything that an expert eye notices that you haven’t spotted before. In addition to your cleansing facials, according to studies, a professional facial massage can help to activate your sympathetic nervous system and work to reduce anxiety levels and uplift your mood. Not convinced just yet? Well, consider this: only a true skin expert will know which of the hundreds of pressure points on your face are connected to various systems in your body. When these pressure points are massaged, it not only stimulates your cells to help keep your skin glowing, but it also affects the functioning of other organs in your body by activating blood flow. Think of it as an exercise for your face, that also in turn helps to rejuvenate how the rest of your body feels too.

That said, our therapists know exactly which areas to focus which products on, and it’s important to point out that these areas of the face are not always visibly noticeable or easy to spot. So, you’re only really guaranteed that skin issues will get picked up when you see a professional. 

Our therapists are real experts when it comes to skincare, so feel free to make the most of your appointment and grill them for their tips and tricks.

You can take away amazing new products. 

Treatments offered in spas and beauty salons are generally more concentrated in active ingredients and are therefore more effective in addressing your skin concerns. Performed by a skin care professional, they’re also safer! Our therapists are able to assess your skin and recommend products that will steer you away from common skin related faux pas such as over-exfoliating or over-moisturising that can result in noticeably larger pores, the dreaded oily t-zone as well as dry skin patches. And nobody wants that! That’s why our therapists are always on hand to offer you product recommendations based on your skin type and areas of concern.

At Regis, we stock an amazing range of skincare brands and products (both online and in salon) that you can buy immediately after your treatment and take away with you. Not only will these allow you to experience the luxuriousness of a spa at home, but they will also help you fix any existing skin issues and maintain great skincare in between your facial treatments.

It gives you time for yourself. 

As well as being fantastic for your skin, a relaxing facial has added benefits for your mental and emotional wellbeing too. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to switch off and take some time for yourself. If you find it difficult to make time to care for yourself and are sometimes so tired that even applying a face mask seems insurmountable, then you should undeniably make regular appointments to have your beauty chores taken care of without having to lift a finger.

Book in knowing that you’ll leave feeling and looking beautiful, rested and radiant with very little effort on your part. If we cannot completely eliminate the stress related to our busy, modern way of life, we can at least take positive steps to reduce it. No matter which facial treatment you opt for, the experience will always offer you a relaxing break from your busy life, soothe your nerves, ease your worries, and help you refocus on yourself to find that inner peace.

A facial in one of our beauty salons can be anywhere between 20-90 minutes of pure indulgent relaxation, which is perfect for recharging your mind as well as rejuvenating the skin. Visiting a Regis beauty salon gives you the opportunity to be cared for by a skin care professional, who will be able to make a skin diagnosis, address your skin concerns, give advice, and provide a follow-up. Taking time out for yourself has never been easier.

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You can fight the signs of ageing. 

Many women only begin treating their skin with facials as they start to age, but as the saying goes: prevention is better than the cure. The earlier you begin having regular facials, the better your skin will be as you grow older. Of course, there are also plenty of facial treatments available for fighting the signs of ageing that have already appeared – just ask your therapist which type of facial will best suit your skin needs when you next book in.

Of course, individual facials will have different benefits depending on their type – some will add moisture or provide a clearer complexion, while others can offer unbelievable lifting and firming results.

It’s important to note however, that the skin under your eyes needs special attention because it’s much thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, and therefore more prone to the effects of ageing. Improper treatment of the eye area can result in under eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet. Aestheticians know exactly how to treat the delicate area under your eyes and will be able to recommend products to help keep wrinkles at bay or from getting any worse.

There are so many benefits of facials beyond their advertised effects, which we think are just as important- so what are you waiting for?

To book a facial, find your local Regis beauty salon and give them a call. For more hair and beauty tips, don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter.

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