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Brand Focus: OPI

Fresh and fun aesthetic meet professional quality approved by the experts – that’s OPI in a nutshell. A brand that’s synonymous with bringing the hottest in manicures to the salon and the streets, their huge range of lacquers, lotions and accessories mean a pro mani or pedi is easy to get and affordable at home.

With seasonal lines of shades coming out every Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, they’re the fashion house of nail polish, making sure the hottest colours are there to compliment your brand new wardrobe at every turn. But it’s their capsule collection, there to finish your look all year round with over 200 shades, that really makes OPI lovers come back again and again.

With a superior formula and line of expertly design accessories, these aren’t your average drugstore polishes. It’s time to step up your nail game, you won’t regret it.


The shades available in the huge OPI lacquer range speak for themselves. Staple colours like award-winning reds, nude daytime colours and seasonal bombshell shades all beg to be added to your look in an instant. OPI’s polish shades are loved for their concentrated pigment, meaning the shade you see in the bottle is the one you get on your nails – a promise that plenty of lesser brands can’t guarantee.

OPI pride themselves on their safe formula too, with all their lacquers free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde. Peace of mind goes hand in perfectly manicured hand with this brand, from The First Lady of Nails Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.


Prepping and primping your hands and nails for a manicure is the first step to that coveted nail salon finish, and who better to bring you the ideal pre-polish potions than OPI themselves? With oil free formulas that don’t interfere with your lacquer’s finish and application, there’s something for every skin issue. Whether your nails are feeling brittle, or your cuticles are ravaged, give your paws some TLC with the OPI Avoplex range for the hands and nails.


It’s those tricky little extras that can make the true differences between a beauty salon result and your own homegrown designs, but OPI have your back there too. From cuticle trimmers to drip dry lotion that seals your manicure in seconds, it’s all here. And don’t forget those nail wipes and safe polish removers, a must for changing shades whenever you like. With this addictive brand, you’ll never be seen with bare nails again.

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