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The Best Celebrity Brows

The biggest beauty trend of the past few seasons, brows are bigger and better than ever. There’s no doubting that a bad brow can ruin your whole look, but when they’re done right they can give you instant elegance, wide-eyed sparkle and an age-defying effect. Of course it’s the catwalks and celebrity crowd that are first on the scene with the latest and most flawless looks, so it’s no wonder we have our favourites where eyebrow inspiration is concerned. Gone are the days when an over-plucked, super skinny eyebrow line is the in look – make way for big, bold and beautifully sculpted shapes.

Causing eyebrow envy across the fashion world, Cara Delivingne’s brows have helped her skyrocket to fame as one of the most coveted catwalk and print models of the moment. With dark, brooding beauty looks set against chic natural hair, her look is truly centred around her full and flawless brows. It’s no wonder that her look is one of the most requested from guests going for professional brow shaping treatments of late. Not blessed with the full, even browline Cara has? Done by the pros, subtly filling in the shape to achieve a natural but bold look is truly effective. Ask about our shaping options from our Brow Bars at Regis.

With her ever-changing hair and wardrobe, the last thing you might think of Beyoncé for is her eyebrows, but that’s the beauty of her groomed look. Opting for a full and natural look, but without a hair out of place, even the colour of her brows is ideal for her face. Not weighing them down with darker powder or pencils means that Beyoncé’s eyes look ideally framed, open and light at all times. For a look with clean lines, but nothing too heavy, ask your therapist about threading techniques.

A girl who’s never seen without the ideal makeup, Megan Fox knows how to create a look with a sultry wow factor. Far from the trend led bushier brow of Cara Delivingne, Megan prefers a perennially flattering brow that’s designed to look timeless with her bone structure. A slimline look that’s still not at risk of looking over-plucked, her polished brows give a lifted look to the face, easily accentuated by a highlighter on the browbone for a seductive evening look. Designed to ideally fit her face, Megan’s brows show that you don’t have to follow fashion to the letter to look flawless. Want to get some of Megan’s brow style for yourself? Book your free consultation at a Regis Brow Bar now, and ask about our Red Carpet brow package, tailored to suit your look.

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