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Bed Head

TIGI: Three Hair Brands In One

A huge selling brand in haircare, TIGI have truly revolutionised trend-led salon products for the better. With the Bed Head range now a household name from the brand, it’s easy to miss out on their equally fabulous other ranges. That’s why we’re here to break down exactly what TIGI do, and how they’ve become one of our indisputable styling favourites.



Bed Head is all about making messy, undone style look like perfection. Sultry, fashion forward styles to make them think you woke up looking this flawless, even after a night on the dancefloor. Covering shampoos, conditioners and styling products for both men and women, this is the brand that made the TIGI name. Shampoos to sugar sprays and a host of sculpting stylers allow you to personalise your style with tons of texture. Grab this brand if you’re looking for that perennially popular, effortless cool seen on stars like Kate Moss.




Sultry, soft, sexy, sleek and smooth. Words that all combine to make hair with the S Factor. Designed to give you that Hollywood glamour without the Rodeo Drive pricetag, this is a range designed for styling addicts. With heat defence, nourishing moisture and glam finish in mind, every product from shampoo to styling works together to help you achieve celebrity sparkle wherever you go. Reach for this brand when it’s time to make an entrance for that Saturday night.





If you’re as obsessed with fashion as we are, you’ll know that no runway show is complete without the perfect hair styling. Give your look an instant fashion week feel with Catwalk‘s products designed for exactly that. Taking inspiration from the fast-paced, creative backstage hair teams at fashion shows, catwalk is all about versatile styling made easy. With luxurious ingredients and stylist expertise, this brand has formulated the ultimate step-by-step systems to achieve your most couture hair yet.



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