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Our Favourite Hair In Film

For decades men and women alike have looked to the biggest celebrities to set trends, innovate in style and look enviably glamourous. While we all have our favourite stars from the red carpet and gossip pages, their on screen appearances can often have an even bigger impact. The silver screen’s iconic characters can take on a life all their own, spurring trends and bringing a whole new must have look to life. Here’s some of our favourite, movie inspired hairstyles from lasting vintage looks to quirky modern moments.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s


Playing the original socialite city girl, Audrey Hepburn’s turn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s catapulted her into the status of undeniable fashion icon. Pairing a kooky eye with 60s couture, the little black dress and beehive combo has become an aspirational look for generations to follow. Hepburn’s beehive has a little something special, combining high volume at the crown with a chignon to sweep up the length., and of course that quirky tiara accessory to finish.



Sandy’s end-of-movie makeover from sweet and dainty to rock and roll sex kitten is etched in the memories of so many of us, but it’s John Travolta’s Danny who makes our list. The face that launched a thousand quiffs, his slick and smouldering 50s look captured the imagination of audiences all over the world, helping prompt a huge resurgence of retro fifties fashion in the 1980s.

Pretty Woman


From blonde-wigged fashion disaster to breathtaking redhead in the space of one whirlwind love affair, Julia Roberts’ star turn opposite Richard Gere in Pretty Woman was the envy of a generation of women at the turn of the 90s. With big, bold natural curls that are inspiring us all over again today, Roberts’ deep auburn and natural texture made for a high impact look. Embracing a stripped-back and natural style was the key to this role’s against the odds appeal and inspiring style.



One of the most successful foreign language films in decades, Amélie stole the hearts of quirky girls and boys across the globe and catapulted Audrey Tautou into the realms of fashion darling. Her unusual but perfectly feminine bob gave the character an offbeat appeal that had many of us rushing to shed long lengths. The key to this style’s success is its imperfections, letting all your natural kinks, flicks and curls work in contrast to the short structured fringe and shaved nape of the neck.

We could go on and on debating our favourite film moments in style, with too many to count, but we want to know yours. Tell us what we’ve missed, and your wow moments from film in the comments.

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