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These 8 Celebrity Hairstyles Were Made for Valentine’s 2019

wall of red roses

On the hunt for some gorgeous date-night #hairspo? You’ve come to the right place! Everyone here at team Regis is super excited for Valentine’s day, and we’ve decided to channel all that energy into a celebrity-inspired edit – featuring some of our favourite looks from the NTAs, and some super-romantic ‘dos that are bang on-trend for SS19.

‘Cos we know just how stressful date-night prep can get, we’ve also thrown in some top tips from our expert stylists.

First though, it’s time for that #hairspo:

Chloe Lewis – tousled top knot

Looking for something that’s playful, but chic enough for a glitzy restaurant date? Chloe Lewis debuted this autre-glam update on the classic top-knot at this year’s ITV Palooza and we’re absolutely smitten. In fact, we think it’s probably one of the most versatile date-night styles we’ve clapped eyes on.

It’s super easy to execute as well. The important bit? Getting that tousled texture. We’d recommend running a few pumps of Tigi’s Small Talk through your hair first, or using something like Designline’s Powder Boost Volumizer to make sure your hair looks thick and glossy.

Once that’s out of the way, all you need to do is gather all your hair from the crown down (leaving your fringe in place), tie it up in a loose pony and then twist the length of your hair around the base to make a topknot before securing everything with bobby pins. 

Chloe Lewis top knot bun and fringe

Product picks 

Emma Willis – Dye Job

If you really want to watch your date’s jaw drop, take a leaf out of Emma Willis’s playbook and surprise them with a brand new dye job. We absolutely love Emma’s chic blonde quiff but there’s really no reason to limit yourself. 2019’s shaping up to be a super interesting year for coloured hair – with faded pastels and various shades of living coral flooding our Insta feed – so don’t be afraid to go all out and try something new!

Just book into your local Regis salon, and one of our expert stylists will help you pick the perfect shade. They’ll also be able to tweak your style to make sure you’re 100% date night ready when you walk out the door!

Oh, and when it comes to maintaining your new colour, we’d strongly recommend that you pick up a colour protect shampoo like Matrix Total Result’s Colour Obsessed. These shampoos help to lock in the new pigments and strengthen your hair’s outer layer which means that your brand new look will stay salon-fresh for longer.

Product Picks

Cheryl – Carefree Waves

A classic look with some majorly romantic vibes, Cheryl’s carefree waves make for perfect Valentine’s day #hairspo. They’re elegant enough for the theatre; the ballet or a glam restaurant, but they’re also effortlessly chic and incredibly easy to style.

Want the look? Just pour yourself a glass of prosecco, brush out your hair and then get to work with your favourite curling wand. We’d recommend ghd’s Curve Classic Wave Wand because it’s practically designed for these messy waves, so there’s no better reason to go all out, especially if you’re really trying to lock him down!

Our stylists also recommend washing your hair with a good shampoo the day before – preferably something like Kerastase’s Volumifique Bain Volume that’ll add a bit of texture and volume – and using a hairspray like ghd’s Final Fix spray to lock all those curls in place.

Product Picks

Sophie Turner – Glam Waves

Sporting a bob? Dial it up to 11 with these retro waves. First debuted by GOT’s Sophie Turner back in August 2017, this oh-so-sophisticated style pairs beautifully with chic cocktail dresses, plus it’s absolutely guaranteed to turn heads!

Sadly, they are a lot of work, particularly if you want to get things just right… First of all, you’ll need to treat your hair with a good mask 1-2 days prior (we’d recommend Tigi’s Urban Antidotes Resurrection). Then you’ll need to set some serious me-time aside to curl and smooth your hair before the big date. Not to mention setting everything in place…

Sound like a lot of effort? You’ll be pleased to hear that our expert stylists are here to help. We’ve knocked the price of blow dry services right down to £25 between the 11-17th of Feb, so book into your local Regis salon and let us fashion a truly red carpet ‘do for your big date.

Product and Service Picks

Meghan Markle – loose and wavy half-up

For casual dates (think coffee, a walk in the park or take out for two) Meghan’s loose and wavy half-up is a great choice. We absolutely love the way this effortlessly sophisticated ‘do pairs with a relaxed outfit and it’s definitely bringing those laid back vibes…

The key to this look? Texture. We’d recommend washing your hair 1-2 days prior, then massaging Tigi’s Small Talk into your roots for instant volume. You can also work the sides with your favourite curling tongs if you want to imitate Meghan’s chic waves.

Once you’re all prepped, just section off your hair with a comb, tease the roots at the crown and then sweep the top and sides back before securing in place with elastic or bobby pins. Make sure you leave a couple of lengths to frame your face. Presto! The perfect casual-but-elegant hairdo.

Meghan Markle half up wavy hairstyle

Lucy Boynton – accessorised half-up

Keeping it cute n’ flirty? Lucy Boynton’s SAG awards hairdo is major hair goals. We love the way this messy half-up frames her face, and the little black bow is just the icing on the cake. It’s fun, feminine and a little bit girl-next-door…

Accessorised half-ups are dead easy to execute too. Just wash your hair 1-2 days prior, brush it out to add some volume then section off the hair at the top of your head and pull it all back past the crown. Once everything’s sitting nicely, just pin it in place with bobby pins or elastic, and add your fave accessory. We’re huge fans of Jennifer Behr’s collection but anything fun and flirty should do the trick.

Oh, and if you’re struggling to get your hair to play ball, you might want to try Designline’s Powder Boost volumizer. This stuff’s something of an office favourite because it adds instant texture and hold. For this kind of half-up? It’s absolutely unbeatable.

Lucy Boynton SAG Awards 2019

Fleur East – Messy Updo

Blessed with a full head of curls? Fleur East’s spellbinding NTAs hair proves that it’s absolutely fine to keep things loose and carefree. This spectacular updo was actually one of our NTA favourites. So if you’re trying to keep things casual this Valentine’s, look no further!

Our stylists reckon the key to this look is TLC. Naturally curly hair can be super delicate so it’s important to use a good mask 1-2 days prior to styling your hair, and a protective spray whenever you’re actually crafting your date night look to lock in those delicate natural oils. Top picks include Redken’s All-Soft Argan-6 Oil, Pureology’s Precious Oil Mask and KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex spray.

It’s also a good idea to minimize your use of heated styling tools. If you have very curly hair and your worried about getting it date-night ready, just book an appointment at your local Regis salon. Our expert stylists will be able to give you hands-on advice and help you get everything looking 100% on-point.

Product Picks

Khloe Kardashian – accessorised updo

Too glam to give a damn? Khloe Kardashian’s accessorised updo is great date-night #hairspo. We love the fact that this ultra-chic style is super easy to execute; and the fact that it works with pretty much any hair type. Oh, and did we mention super versatile? Obviously Khloe is wearing her hairstylist’s signature Kitsch x Justine Marjan bobby pins, but you’re free to change up the accessories to match your outfit, which gives you plenty of freedom to make this look your own.

Wondering how to pull it off? Just wash, dry and straighten your hair before making a high (and tight) ponytail. Now brush out the ponytail again (just to get things super straight) twist it and then wrap around the base until you have a bun. Spritz liberally with something like Redken’s One United to prevent frizz and that’s it: You’re free to accessorise to your heart’s content!

Product Picks

Still haven’t found the one?

Fingers crossed you’ve stumbled across your dream style here, but if you’re still in search of the ultimate Valentine’s day hairdo, pop into your local Regis salon and ask one of our stylists for some hands-on advice. They’ll be able to recommend a look that suits you, and help you pull it off in time for the big date.

We’ve also reduced the price of blow dry services to just £25 between the 11th and 17th of Feb, so there really isn’t a better time to let the experts pamper your hair…

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