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Wedding Hair Colour Tips

Any bride can tell you that, while there might be bigger concerns for some like venue and date, how she looks on the big day is a BIG deal. With a stunning dress and beautiful accessories, complimenting your look with the right hair and beauty is a must.

While wedding updos and hair styling for the full bridal party are planned well in advance, what does a girl about to be wed do about her colour?

The best advice for bridal colour is to keep it true to your style. If you’re a lover of classic brunette, this is no time for pink highlights – and vice versa! So how do you make sure it’s exactly as you’ve invisioned?

Making your colour appointment a couple of weeks ahead of the wedding day is a must, leaving time for the shade to settle in and ensuring any surprises can be fixed well in advance. With this timing, you won’t risk unsightly roots in your photos, and you’ll still have that bright and fresh New Colour sparkle.

Go with the colourist you’ve trusted all along, since they know your every day style, and can simply give it some extra special wow factor for the big occasion. Sit down with them in advance, tell them it’s your wedding hair, and work out just exactly what you’re looking for to tie your look together.

Don’t forget to pay attention to aftercare – whether it’s buying a product in salon or simply following a few best behavior tips, your colourist knows just how to make your hair look its best from the salon chair to the aisle.

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