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Ask an MCE – Can I Go Blonde?

At Regis we truly pride ourselves on our colour expertise, and that starts with our highly qualified stylists. At the top of the field in colour are our Master Colour Experts (MCEs), a Wella qualification that gives us the cutting edge in colour on the UK high street. Our MCEs are passionate about your colour, constantly innovating and inventing to perfect your look. They’re here to answer some of your most common questions on colour, from finding your shade to keeping it fresh.

One of the questions our guests ask us the most is “Can I go blonde?” With the huge resurgence of bright blonde shades, and celebrities embracing big changes it’s more popular than ever to lighten and brighten your shade.

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway went for dramatic transformations with blonde hair last year, and we want to help you do the same.

Our Master Colour Experts know that going blonde takes some definite weighing up: “Certain things need to be considered before making the decision to go blonde from dark hair – 1) Do you want the added up-keep? 2) Are you prepared to possibly change your make up? 3) Can you invest in a change of shampoo and conditioner to keep and enhance your blonde hue? 4) Are you ready to have all that fun?!”

Even for the most dramatic dark hair, going blonde is definitely possible! We just believe it’s a process. With the right stylist, the right colour technology and a little bit of patience we can create the ideal shade of blonde for you, and the options are limitless.

The first step is your consultation, where your expert stylist can assess your hair’s condition and suitability for lightening, as well as helping decide what shade of blonde is right for you.


We asked MCE Dean Vinning his thoughts: “When a guest comes to me wanting to go blonde, my priority is the condition of your hair. We always want to ensure that you get the colour you want, without compromising the health of your hair – after all this will ruin the hair’s appearance just as much as the feel. As I see hair as a fabric, I know applying a treatment through each colour process will ensure the most care is applied during each lightening stage.

The beginning of the year is the best time to begin your colour journey to having blonde hair, so that by the Summer you will have achieved your ideal shade. If you’re ready to go for it, get booking your Regis consultation now to start right away.”

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