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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Contouring

Discover the latest beauty trend as you’ve never seen it before. Forget about bronzer and highlight – this is contouring for your hair.

Created by Wella Professionals, this hot new hair trend has been inspired by the renowned makeup technique. Contouring defines and frames the face by using precise placements of colour to create the deception of light and shade. This adds new definition to your face, and can be tailored to suit your natural face shape, skin tone and eye colour – all whilst highlighting your most beautiful features. Hair contouring works on the same principle, as high- and low-lights are used to accentuate the face shape.

How does hair contouring work?

Hair contouring uses a combination of freehand and highlighting techniques, with different placements of colour around the face and within the interior of the hair. Dark colours shorten and slim the face shape, whilst lighter hues help to elongate and widen. As each of our faces are different, the placement of colour will be completely personalised to each person, leading to a unique, bespoke end result.

The colour palette selected by your stylist for your hair contouring look is carefully chosen to suit your skin tone and eye colour. Hair contouring can be done on any length hair, as well as on any colour. So whether you’re blonde, brunette or a redhead, contouring can redefine your facial framework.

Hair contouring at Regis

We’re excited to now offer this exciting new contouring service in our Regis salons as part of our Couture Colour range. This service offers the highest quality products – not only in colour, but also in care. Give your local Regis salon a call or pop in to ask about our hair contouring, and be on your way to a gorgeous new look. With a premium, bespoke colour service and the finest aftercare products to take away with you, you’ll be just as hooked on this new trend as we are.

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