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Must-Have Products for Hiding Your Roots

Love having coloured hair but hate the tell-tale signs of root re-growth? You’re not alone; keeping hair looking fresh in between appointments is one of the things we’re asked about the most. So how do you hide roots once they start growing back? Luckily, it’s easier than you think.

You’ll no doubt have heard the tips that a zig-zag parting can distract from dark or grey re-growth, or maybe you hide under hats for the two weeks before your colour appointment. Well, you no longer need to rely on these old tricks, as there are now much savvier solutions available. There are a variety of products on the market designed to mask those pesky roots, whether they’re too light, dark or grey for your desired colour. These temporary powders and sprays can be applied to roots once your hair has been dried and styled, instantly refreshing your colour without leaving any obvious signs.

L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up

These clever sprays have been infused with makeup pigment, specially designed to blend with your hair colour and cover up grey roots or strays. The advanced freeze dry technology means that the spray also dries immediately, leaving no tell-tale wetness, stickiness or residue. Thanks to the precision nozzle, application is fuss- and mess-free.

And the best bit? All L’Oreal products are currently 20% of at Regis salons and online! Shop the links below to grab one of these bargains before they’re gone, or explore all of our L’Oreal Professionnel products currently on offer.

Color Wow Root Cover Up

Whether it’s grey hair you’re looking to mask or even dark re-growth against your blonde, the innovative Root Cover Up from Color Wow does exactly what it promises. The high-coverage powder comes in a compact along with a mirror and brush for easy application – simply dab on the root and work outwards to blend in with your coloured hair.

From platinum blonde through to black, all shades are catered for with Color Wow, including vibrant red. Click the links below or shop the full Color Wow range.

Along with root re-growth, other signs that you’re due an appointment at the salon include faded colour and a dull, lacklustre hair surface. To keep your hair looking its best, we also recommend using products designed to protect and prolong coloured hair. Combining these root touch-up products with others from our selection of colour enhancing products will leave you with bright, shiny hair that looks salon fresh.

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