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No Skin Test Hair Colour | Now available at Regis ?

Chances are, at some point you’ve had the sudden urge to colour your hair but haven’t been able to due to needing a skin test first. But this is all about to change. Thanks to Magma colour from the hair colouring experts at Wella Professionals, we’re now able to offer a ‘no skin test’ hair colouring service.

What does ‘no skin test’ colour mean, exactly?

The unique formula found in Magma colour contains advanced pigment technology allowing the removal of the skin test step. The difference between Magma and other colour products is that it uses direct dyes. And, due to the concentration of pigments in the dye, it isn’t oxidising – which other colour products are. That, combined with a specialist off-scalp application, makes Magma colour safe for use without the need for a skin test.

But that’s not all. The colour, when coupled with our stylist expertise, also renders unique results and finishes. The ‘Magma’ colour formula allows stylists to both lift and tone your hair colour in just one sitting. Traditionally speaking, direct dyes cannot be intermixed with bleaches, as they become unstable once they reach high pH levels. Magma however, is a specially formulated direct dye, designed to be stable at the high pH levels of bleaches. There’s a little more to it too. But, at the risk of sounding like a chemistry lesson, we think that’s enough of the sciency stuff! The fact is, you don’t need a skin test and yes, it’s completely safe.

Does this mean I’ll never need a skin test at Regis again?

If you’re after an all over hair colour (anything where the dye touches the scalp) the answer is ‘no’. For most colour techniques a skin test will still be required. During your consultation your stylist will fully explain what is needed and why.  

Magma Color No Skin Test Regis Salon

Why our stylists love the ‘no skin test’ hair colour

The ability to offer guests a hair colour service that does not require a skin test, is most definitely a prayer answered by the hair gods. We certainly don’t get any pleasure out of having to turn someone away for a colour service who needs to have a skin test first. Our job is to ensure you leave the salon with beautiful hair. So, when we introduced this service to our stylists, it certainly received an enthusiastic and warm welcome!

There have been countless times when we’ve had salon guests in for a cut and blow dry and on reflection, would consider colour too. The only thing is the pragmatics of health and safety has (until now) put a stop to that. Now with the ‘no skin test’ hair colour, it’s possible to upgrade your service without having to make a second trip to the salon.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, we understand concerns around social-distancing and reducing time spent outside of the home. Our ‘no skin test’ colour is the perfect solution for those who do not want to visit their salon twice. The added bonus of this colour service is that the skin test will be applied at same time. This means you get to leave the salon with a great new colour and you’re also prepared for our other colour services too (that require on scalp application).

If you would like to come in for a skin test however, please call the salon to arrange a suitable time. This will help the team manage social-distancing provisions in salon.

For more information, please contact your local salon.

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