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How to Maintain Blonde, Silver and Grey Hair

Icy blonde, silver and grey tones have been one of the most popular hair colour trends of the year – and it’s a look that’s set to continue well into autumn/winter. Our stylists can help you achieve this covetable colour in salon, but what about once you leave? Maintaining silver and cool blonde shades can be tricky, but with the right products it all becomes much easier.

According to a recent survey, 2 in every 3 blondes are bothered by discolouration*. Even if you’re a caramel or honey blonde rather than a icy blonde, eliminating brassy tones is essential for keeping your colour looking premium and fresh. To do this, we need to neutralise the yellow in blonde hair. If you examine a colour wheel, you will see that the opposite colour to yellow is purple. Therefore, exposing hair to a purple-tinted product will help to tone down the warmth, which is why so many silver shampoo and toners are a lilac or deep purple colour.

Silver Shampoo Poppy

At Regis, we stock a range of products specifically designed to enhance silver, grey and white blonde hair. From shampoos and silver conditioners to products designed specifically for grey-haired gents, there’s a product for anyone wanting to make their colour look more luxe. Using these products 1-2 times a week will help to counteract the warm tones that can leave blonde hair looking yellow or leave grey lacklustre.

Must-Have Products for Blonde/Silver Hair

If your blonde or grey needs a bit more of a lift, you can visit us in salon to have a professional toner applied. Toners are a low-volume, semi-permanent colour, meaning that they deposit pigment onto the hair without causing any damage. You can find out more about our Colour Services in salon, or call your local salon to ask about the toners available.

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