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Summer Nail Colours

Our pick of this season's hottest nail lacquer hues

Whether you are the type of beauty who prefers a hand-in-hand stroll along the beach, toes twinkling in the milky foam of a lazy evening tide, or one who prefers dancing in the limelight like an exotic bird of paradise, Spring/Summer 2015 has the nail lacquer hue for you.

From iridescent pearls to ravishing ruby reds, OPI have all bases covered with their caring formula and exclusive ProWide Brush for immaculate application. Here is our pick of this season’s hottest trends…

Rosy Future

Rosy Future

If you are looking for a sophisticated shade to give a classic French manicure a seasonal update then look no further than OPI’s Rosy Future. Pastel hues are a big hit this season and this barely-there baby pink will make for the perfect addition to your powdery palette.

OPI Rosy Future £11.50 SHOP NOW
Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?

Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?

Turn up the heat on your manicures this season with OPI’s Brazil collection! A perfect mix of sweet and tangy, this shade will add a fashion-forward pop of colour to brighten up your wardrobe and provide an instant burst of sizzling sunshine to any outfit.

OPI Did Suzi's Man-Go? £11.50 SHOP NOW
Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Dipping your toes into that warm foamy liquid and slipping yourself beneath its aromatic steam, feeling comforted and swept away in equal parts is exactly what this luxurious hue evokes. OPI’s Bubble Bath whispers effortless sophistication, as frivolous as it is chic, it’s a Spring/Summer must-have.

OPI Bubble Bath £11.50 SHOP NOW
Blue in my Mind

Blue in my Mind

With understated pastel sheens taking one corner this season, rich bold statement shades stand in the other ready to make some serious impact! This deep royal sapphire is fit for any Queen wishing to stand out from the crowd with her bejewelled nails – a true show stopper.

OPI Blue in my Mind £11.50 SHOP NOW
The Thrill of Brazil

The Thrill of Brazil

Listen closely as you unscrew the lid on OPI’s The Thrill of Brazil and you will surely hear the rhythmic beats of Rio de Janiero as you turn up the volume on your Spring/Summer manicure. Positively sizzling, this fiery shade will set any seasonal style alight.

OPI The Thrill of Brazil £11.50 SHOP NOW


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