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Say yes to colour: Wellaplex now included in every colour service

Wellaplex Regis

The promise of a hair treatment that strengthens your hair even while colour is being applied. Wellaplex is now included in every hair colour service at Regis, because we understand the importance of hair health – particularly for coloured hair.

Choose colour, with confidence

From blonde to brunette and every shade in-between, there is always an alluring hair colour that piques our interest. Whether you just want to cover greys or fancy a complete transformation, Wellaplex is the hair insurance you’ve always needed. The Wellaplex treatment is used directly in your hair colour service.  And let it be known that it comes highly recommended by our stylists.

If you’ve always wanted to revamp your hair colour, but have had nagging questions hold you back, keep reading.

Why do I need to treatment for my hair colour?

In order to deposit colour onto your hair, the formula has to be able to penetrate the hair shaft. By lifting the hair cuticle to deposit colour, the hair becomes weaker and more susceptible to damage. A hair treatment is essential if you want to prevent your hair from feeling dry, overly-sensitised and weak. Good hair treatments in salon will ensure your cuticles are smooth, leaving you with healthy, shiny and strong hair. Even after having coloured your hair. You can find out more about the chemistry of hair colour in our blog: 

Be Colour Confident: Your Hair Chemistry Explained

Wellaplex Regis

So how does Wellaplex work for your hair colour?

Referring to Wellaplex as hair insurance isn’t as far fetched as it may seem. The treatment reconstructs the bonds inside the hair shaft to prevent and fix any hair damage. By targeting the inner structure of the hair, Wellaplex is able to reconstruct them where they have been broken. When the bonds are fixed, the health of the hair is restored.

The first part of the Wellaplex treatment (the Bond Maker) can be added directly to colour. This means there’s no need to wait around in salon for longer so that a treatment can be applied separately. The second part of the treatment (The Stabiliser) is applied once the colour has been rinsed off – just before your hair is shampooed. The great news? It only needs to stay on for a few moments before you feel like you have a head of new hair. The results are that instant.

The best part is that unlike other plex treatments, there is absolutely no compromise on the hair colour result. Irrespective of how weak your hair is or how worried you are about damaging hair when you colour it, rest assured that coupled with our stylists’ expertise, Wellaplex will shield your hair against damage.

We now use Wellaplex in all colour services

By mixing Wellaplex with colour, especially when applying to sensitised or damaged hair, you enable your hair to feel healthier, more flexible and manageable. It’s no surprise that hair health remains an important priority for our salon guests – and rightly so. We’re right there with you.

Trust in your stylist and choose confidence when you choose colour.

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