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Festival Hair: The Must Have Styles for 2016

It’s time to don our Hunters and start pitching our tents – the festival season is upon us. If you want to nail on-trend festival hair this year then luckily for us all, the key is low-maintenance, undone styles for 2016.

Nobody expects sleek, elaborate hairstyles, so leave your electricals at home (yes, even if you’re glamping). All you need are a few essential taming products and a couple of minutes each morning. Oh, and dry shampoo. Lots and lots of dry shampoo.

Festival 2

Mermaid Waves
With the potential for rain, sweat and mud, straight hair is only for the very brave at festivals. Instead, embrace this season’s trend for mermaid waves and look Glasto-glam with minimal effort. To get this look, simply plait your hair the night before and then shake out in the morning. Some salt spray will add texture to the lengths, while a bit of serum through the ends will limit any potential for frizz. Our Creative Director, Kieron Fowles, adds: “Backcombing gently at the root will generate extra lift and volume through the hair and keep the style from looking flat and lifeless.”

Must-have products:  EIMI Texture Ocean Spritz, Sebastian Texture Maker, ghd Smooth & Finish Serum

Festival 5

Pastel Colours
Wearable and fun, pastel hair is still set to be huge at festivals this season. If you’re thinking of making a permanent change, then it’s wise to have your colour done professionally (and you can find out more about our fashion colour services here). This way, you can achieve the pastel pink, lilac, peach or blue that you want, to the highest standard. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a wash of colour just for the weekend, then you can use a semi-permanent colour that will wash out in a few washes.

Must-have products: Fudge Paintbox Collection

Festival 1

Half-Up Half-Down
As Kieron says, “After a day or two of partying with no showers, hairdryers or straighteners, it’s no surprise that hair can become a little worse for wear. Top knots and messy buns are a really good way to keep the hair off the face but still look effortlessly cool.” A small bun on top of the head is an easy but effective half-up style, and all it really requires is some hairspray and a few grips. If your hair is a bit limp, then some mattifying powder will also make it easier to style and give more grip.

Must-have products: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium, Redken Powder Grip

Festival 4

Hair Accessories
A gorgeous way to add interest to your look (as well as distracting from unwashed hair) is with an on-trend hair accessory. Floral crowns are a festival favourite, or you can opt for the updated alternative of an embellished head piece or some hair jewellery. Keep the rest of your hair undone and natural for a casual vibe, but consider using a root-boosting products so it doesn’t look to flat.

Must-have products: label.m Complete Dry Shampoo, Redken Rootful

Festival 3

Single Braids
Braids have been one of the main hair trends of 2016 so far, and festivals are the ideal time to give a nod to the fun, youthful style. Plaiting one or two sections of hair will create a relaxed, boho look, and will also look great teamed with a fedora or on-trend hair accessory.  Kieron recommends a fishtail plait for adding interest to the hair quickly and easily. A bit of hold spray will keep the braid tidy, and don’t forget to seal the end with a drop of serum or oil.

Must-have products: KMS California Hair Stay Medium Hold Spray, DESIGNLINE Fiji Therapy Styling Oil

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