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Wavy Chignon

Opt for a glamorous yet sophisticated updo for special occasions and nights out with our how-to guide for creating a beautiful, textured chignon.

Step by step guide
  • 1. Prep

    Prep hair using a spritz of Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity. Use medium sized rollers to create a gentle wave and blast with a hairdryer for five minutes to help the style set. Smooth down your locks with a few drops of Wella SP Luxe Oil.

  • 2. Parting

    Create a deep side parting before sectioning roughly two inches of hair from the front and securing out of the way on either side of your head.

  • 3. Ponytail

    Gather the rest of your hair into a mid-ponytail at the back of your head and secure with a hair elastic. Split the ponytail in half and plait each section.

  • 4. Chignon 1

    To create the chignon, twist the braids around each other until they form a knot. Secure with hair pins and spray with Sebastian Shaper Fierce.

      Chignon 1
  • 5. Chignon 2

    Release the front section of hair on the right side and sweep up and over the knot and secure in place. Repeat with the left section, sweeping it over in the opposite direction.

      Chignon 2
  • 6. Add Shine

    To finish, mist a light hold spray over your updo such as Wella SP Luxe Oil Light Spray, light-reflecting hairspray.

      Add Shine
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