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The ultimate ghd buyers guide – which tool is right for my hair?

Regis salons ghd buyers guide

There’s no two ways about it – if you’re looking for styler, hairdryer or curler that’ll get the job done, you needn’t look further than ghd. Ever since they first burst onto the scene in 2001, they’ve been the go-to brand for thousands of adoring fans, and with good reason too – they produce incredible results. Vogue were once quoted saying ghd were best known for ‘revolutionising the straightening iron’. 

More recently ghd have launched a brand new hair dryer, developed their first ever professional hot brush and redefined their core selection so that it’s nice and easy for newcomers to understand. They’ve dispensed with the numeral based naming system that caused so much confusion in the past, and trimmed down the massive selection of different models that were previously on offer.

In this guide:

It’s still hard to know where to start though, which is why we’ve put together this brand-new guide; tailor-made for ghd’s latest collection.

Scrolling through, you’ll find that we’ve profiled each of the new and existing models, and provided all of the details you’ll need to work out which tool is right for you. We’ve also tried to provide a thorough comparison of all the different features that are unique to each model, so you won’t have to waste valuable time working out whether it’s the gold that has an ergonomic shape, or the platinum+ that’s designed for a salon-straight finish.

ghd stylers

First up: ghd stylers. As we mentioned before, pesky generational distinctions have all been swept aside in favour of a simple naming scheme that makes it easy to differentiate between each individual model. We’ve profiled them all below, and provided a list of features:

ghd original 

Formerly known as IVs or classics, the ghd original is the ultimate entry-level straightener. They use floating ceramic plates and advanced heat control to glide through your hair at exactly 185°C; a temperature chosen because it’s been scientifically proven to produce long-lasting straight hair without causing undue damage to individual strands.

They’re also a very lightweight straightener, which is ideal if you’re going to be holding them for a long time. Reviews of the ghd original tend to focus on their ability to glide through even the thickest hair, and they’re well-known for being able to produce smooth, sleek hairstyles time after time. They do lack the dual (or tri) zone technology found in the pricier options below, but it’s important to note they’re a reliable option for the occasional straightener, the beginner, or those of us that are shopping on a tight budget.


ghd gold

The gold is ghd’s classic straightener, designed to offer the ultimate straightening experience. They heat up to full operating temperature in Iess time than it takes to boil the kettle (25 seconds, to be precise) and they’re also blessed with a sleek, curved barrel that makes them an absolute joy to use – irrespective of whether you’re curling your hair, or just attempting some snag-free straightening.

The ghd gold also makes use of unique, dual-zone technology; using a pair of independent heat sensors to ensure that your hair is kept at a consistent 185°C throughout the straightening process. This helps to ensure that your hair is straightened evenly, and it also means that you don’t damage your hair by accidentally superheating a small patch.

If you have thick, wavy hair, intend to use your straightener every day, or want a top-of-the-line hair iron that’ll keep your hair sleek and glossy for years to come, the ghd gold is the perfect hair straightener for you.


ghd platinum+

If you want beautiful results in just one stroke then this is the styler for you! As the latest addition to their already incredible range, the ghd platinum+ is a predictive styler that anticipates the thickness of the hair being styled and the speed of styling, altering the power accordingly. Building on their trademark Tri-zone® technology, these straighteners feature the new, breakthrough ultra-zone technology that monitors the heat of the styling plates 250 times a second

Like many of the platinum stylers before it, the platinum+ features the wishbone hinge that ensures the plates are always aligned for even styling, and rounded edges for creating different looks with the same tool – you can also make curls and waves with this straightener. Standard for ghd stylers are the precision milled plates that let your hair slip through without catching or snagging. This great styler also comes in white (as well as limited edition colours) if you’d like something a bit more eye-catching than the classic matte-black design.


Specialist stylers

These stylers aren’t your traditional, every-day models but they’re great if you’re looking for a niche styling product. They benefit from the same great build quality as the rest of the range, so you’re guaranteed professional salon-worthy results.

ghd mini styler

Ideal for short hair or (very) tight curls, the ghd mini is a slimline version of the gold, complete with thinner versions of the gold’s floating heat plates, ergonomic design and curved outer casing. Although the smaller plates will make traditional straightening a bit of a chore, this little straightener is absolutely ideal if you’re rocking a pixie cut, or just want to straighten your fringe. The ghd mini makes for great travel straighteners too.

As with all ghd straighteners, you can rely on the mini to keep working time-after-time. It operates at the same 185°C temperature as the rest of the range and it also boasts the same 2 year warranty, which should help to take the worry out of shopping!


ghd max styler

Designed for those of us with exceptionally long, thick or wavy hair, the ghd max boasts wide heat pads crafted from the same advanced ceramics as the plates used on the gold. It also heats hair to exactly 185°C which is the best possible option if you want to straighten hair without damaging it, and the free-floating design of those ceramic pads allows it to glide through hair of every thickness.

If you’ve previously struggled to get straighteners through your hair, the ghd max may well be the answer to your prayers. We’re huge fans of the styling, the design, and the sleek, smooth styles that it produces. The only slight downside is that it’s a bit more cumbersome and unwieldy than the thinner models in the range.


ghd glide

All hail the first professional hot brush from ghd which tames and smooths dry hair quickly and effortlessly. Perfect for second day hair, the ceramic technology with ioniser heats up the brush consistently to the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC for guaranteed healthier looking hair. The ions within the brush eliminate frizz so hair is transformed in just a few quick strokes. The combination of high density short and longer bristles allows for large sections of hair to be styled and leaves salon smooth natural movement.

To give you extra peace of mind while styling, the ghd glide will go into an automatic sleep mode which switches off after 60 minutes of non-use and with a professional length 2.7m cable, you have flexibility to style wherever you are. In fact we were so impressed with this, we reviewed it in its own dedicated blog: ghd: enjoy the glide of your life

So if you’re tired of polishing unruly hair on a daily basis, invest in the ghd hot brush and make second day or bed head hair a thing of the past.

ghd rise 

The latest edition is the ghd rise volumising hot brush that creates 2x more volume for big, bouncy styles that last all day. Achieve kind-to-hair looks with enviable volume from root to top – and the good news? No matter your hair type or length, you can style chic waves, fierce flicks and bombshell curls with ease and speed.

The advanced infinity sensor within the 32mm barrel ensures an optimum styling temperature of 185 ºC is consistently maintained, so you can add volume in the right areas with no extreme heat.


ghd hair dryers

Alongside their groundbreaking straighteners, ghd also now offer a selection of cutting-edge hair dryers, designed to smooth hair as you dry, and massively reduce any frizz-related hair nightmares. We’ve profiled the latest below, with a complete breakdown of their features.

ghd air

Ergonomic, stylish and oh-so attractive, the ghd air is a fantastic hairdryer in its own right – boasting a powerful 2,100w motor, variable temperature control and a number of patent-protected technologies that are all designed to let you enjoy a salon-quality finish from the comfort of your bedroom.

It’s the unique use of ionic technologies that really makes this hairdryer stand out though; taming frizz and stray flyaways so that you can blow-dry faster, and faff less. In our opinion, the ghd air is a must-have if you regularly blow-dry your hair. It still delivers plenty of oomph at lower temperature settings too, which is ideal if you want a quick blast of cold air to set your hair in place.


ghd helios

Introducing ghd’s lightest, fastest, professional hair dryer collection to date, for ultimate styling control. Developed by the leading experts in ghd’s lab, the new ghd helios is lightweight and has an ergonomically balanced design for ultra-quick drying and precision styling. This latest hair drying innovation from ghd boasts 30% more shine and 3 x more hair alignment for a smoother finish.

Lightweight and ergonomically balanced for styling comfort, paired with a bespoke acoustic system to ensure low sound levels, the ghd helios is designed for ease of use and salon-quality results. The good news? Your arms won’t ache from blow-drying your mane. The bad news? You’ll still have to hit the gym to work out those arms! So, if you’re looking to take your blow-dry to a new level, the ghd helios is made for you. Now available in our online shop in four enticing shades: plum, (limited edition) powder pink, white and ghd’s signature matte-black. Which will you choose?


ghd curlers

The easy-to-use range of curlers from ghd all boast a variety of features that make them stand out from many of the other stylers on the market. All four of the stylers have been designed to create a specific type of curl, so thankfully we no longer have to struggle to create big open waves with a small, narrow wand!

All of the curling tongs and wands in this range have tri-zone® technology built into the barrels. This new and exclusive technology is comprised of six sensors throughout the wand that ensure that the surface temperature of the ceramic barrel is a consistent 185 C.

ghd curve soft curl tong

If you are looking to create volume or large, tumbling waves, this is the curling tong you need. The ghd Curve® Soft Curl Tong is, in our opinion, a great styler for creating beautiful open curls in long to medium length hair.

ghd curve classic curl tong

This medium style curling tong makes getting those glamorous old-Hollywood curls easy to achieve, without all of the odd styling techniques you read online. As it’s smaller in diameter than the ghd Curve® Soft Curl Tong, this is a more versatile styler and is great for long, short or medium length hair.


ghd curve classic wave wand

Most curling wands on the market give the same structured waves from their circular, ceramic designs, the ghd Curve® Classic Wave Wand is slightly different. This curler has an unusual oval shape that gives your curls added movement and style. As the larger of the two wands in this new range, this curler is best suited for those with longer hair who are after a versatile curling wand.


ghd curve creative curl wand

Just search ‘how to get easy beachy waves’ on any search engine and you will be bombarded with hundreds of different methods and techniques to achieve this highly popular look. The ghd Curve® Creative Curl Wand can help you get this style in a short amount of time, and the tri-zone® technology helps lock the curls in pace. If you’re looking for a brilliant allrounder, this curling wand should definitely be high on your list of contenders.


Still can’t choose?

If you’re still struggling to choose the perfect ghd styling tool, you might be interested in browsing our complete ghd shop, where you’ll find the latest deals, bundles and limited edition models like the pink collection.

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