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World Cup Hair Trends

Shouting, screaming, chanting; disruptions to your sacred soap-watching schedule and hours upon hours of football matches and rundowns. If it wasn’t for the copious amounts of eye candy we may have done a runner by now, right ladies? Great news for all you guys out there though – not only is the World Cup 2014 your free pass to endless beer drinking and nights in front of the TV, there’s so much hair inspiration too.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about the Die Serey blonde landing strip or Danijel Pranjic’s impersonation of Sonic the Hedgehog here. (What is it with footballers and there mohawks?!) We’re talking about Olivier Giroud’s killer slick-back and Mats Hummels tousled, textured tresses – ooh la la!

This year really has been a a true story of the good, the bad and the downright ugly but there are certainly some recurring trends cropping up. Whether we like it or not, the mohawk has been a strong contender in the league but we’re not quite sure it scores for us. Creative shaving has also been causing quite a stir on the pitch with Cristiano Rinaldo heading the trend with his close-shave lightening bolt combo but again, this gets a red card from us.

However, never mind the offside rule, we’re all about the short back and side rule that means we just simply cannot keep our eye on the ball. Super-suave and practical for running around the pitch, this hot topic trend is as much of a fever on the pitch as it is on planet fashion. Our very own Jordan Henderson is amongst those executing the look to perfection – now there’s a reason to be patriotic! All of that sweating works in favour for the slick back as the wet-look finish is all the rage this season.

So boys, whenever you can prize your square eyes away from the television screen, get yourselves down to your nearest Regis salon so we can help you celebrate in style. Find your nearest store by making use of our handy online salon locator and pay us a visit. We will be more than happy to talk about highlights too – the hair colour highlight kind as well as the game that is!

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