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Do you know your brushes?

Having the right hairbrush and using it correctly can make a world of difference in how your hair looks. There are many kinds of brushes… but how do you know which one to choose for which purpose? The saying that comes to mind, ‘the right tool for the job’ – in the same way you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to do the work of a hammer, you shouldn’t use the same brush if you are aiming for different results. And depending on the look you are hoping for, you need to be using the right brush for YOU.

It may seem simple but finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task – after all, there are so many to choose from! And of course, just like your massive collection of makeup brushes, you’re going to need more than just one.

Here is our quick, whistle-stop tour into the brushes out there and which ones you need to try!

Paddle Brush

Now let’s start with the classic, the brush we estimate is in everyone’s dressing table drawer – the paddle brush. It effortlessly detangles hair due to its flat, wide rectangular surface, as well as providing exceptionally smooth results without breaking the natural pattern of wavy and curly hair. Use a paddle brush followed by a flat iron hair straightener if you’re going for that poker straight look!


Ghd Paddle Brush

Moroccanoil Cereramic Paddle Brush

Vented Brush

This is one for those with the never-ending busy schedule – so basically, all of us?! If you’re running late and need to be ready quickly, using this brush means you can be right on time and still look fabulous! The holes in the barrel aren’t just there for show – they allow hot air to pass through whilst blow drying to help speed up the process.

Simply hold your hair dryer in one hand and use the other to brush your hair from root to tip. Voila! Your hair will be dry in no time. To create volume and soft beautiful waves, try sectioning your and wrapping it around the brush as you apply heat.

Ghd Ceramic Vented Brush

Amika Hair Blow Dry Brush

Boar Bristle Brush

For high-shine, glossy locks you’re going to want to try the boar bristle brush! The bristles are designed to gently glide through the hair and evenly distribute your natural oils throughout, meaning your hair is softer and silkier, with a healthy shine from root to tip. What’s even better about these bristles is that they don’t snag or pull on your roots, which is why it’s the perfect go-to for those who have fine hair. You’ll notice that hair fall reduces each time you brush meaning your locks feel and look thicker in a short amount of time.


Rock & Ruddle Large Mixed Bristle Brush

Rock & Ruddle Small Mixed Bristle Brush

Detangling Brush

If your hair is generally dry and prone to damage, be sure to invest in a good detangling brush! They are typically made with wide-tooth, plastic bristles that can easily undo stubborn knots easily and effortlessly. This type of brush will help to prevent breakage and makes brushing your hair a much less painful task – result!

We definitely recommend that this brush becomes part of your weekly routine, particularly whenever you wash your tresses. Your hair is at its most delicate state when it’s wet and using this kind of brush can protect it from damage.


So Eco Biodegradable Detangling Brush

Ghd Detangling Comb

Tail Comb

Sometimes the best brush isn’t a brush at all! The tail comb is so versatile and allows you to get creative with your hair styles – whether its backcombed or braided. The style and design of the tail comb means you can part your hair in clean, precise sections effortlessly, making intricate styling ever so simple.

Give it and go when rocking your next party or festival hairstyle!


Ghd Tail Comb

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