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Laser Hair Removal at Regis Birmingham

Want free from the hassle of hair removal? Whether you shave, wax or epilate, the constant upkeep of hair removal can be a thing of the past with our affordable  laser hair removal services at Regis Birmingham. With treatments from just £48 per area, legs, bikini, underarms or even unwanted facial hairs can be groomed for good.

Laser hair treatments work by targeting the melanin in hairs, dispersing hair at the base of the follicle. With a full series of treatments, the rate of growth can slow to a complete halt. That means no more money spent on razors, and no more time wasted on waxing appointments every month.

Think you can’t have laser hair removal on your skin type? Our highly trained beauty specialists use tailored treatments for every skin tone from fair to dark, ensuring that you get flawless results whatever your needs.

There’s lots more to offer too, with added solutions for vein removal, age spots and pigmentation removals. Not forgetting the men, of course, taking care of everything from unwanted ear hairs to full back hair removal.

For a limited time, our Corporation Street salon in Birmingham is offering a fabulous discount – simply purchase 5 treatments and your 6th one is absolutely free.

Call the salon now for a free consultation with our experts. There’s no obligation to book, so you’ve nothing to lose in finding out just what your perfect skin solution can be.


One Area
Upper facial areas  15mins £48.00
Lower facial areas  15mins £48.00
Neck  15mins £48.00
Side of face  15mins £48.00
Navel line  15mins £48.00
Under arm  15mins £48.00
Bikini line Classic  15mins £48.00
Hands  15mins £48.00
Feet and Toes  15mins £48.00
One Area
Lower arm  30mins £85.00
Upper arm  30mins £85.00
Chest  30mins £85.00
Shoulders  30mins £85.00
Upper back  30mins £85.00
Lower back  30mins £85.00
Lower legs including feet  30mins £85.00
Upper legs  30mins £85.00
Bikini line Extended  30mins £85.00
Hollywood /Brazilian  30mins £85.00
Leg and facial veins are removed with a cosmetic laser emitting a prescribed dose of energy to the vein. The laser selectively targets the problem veins while sparing the surrounding areas. After treatment the vessel will naturally disappear.
Fine Vein removal on the face or leg  15mins £75.00
Fine Vein removal on the face or leg  30mins £99.00
Laser Pigmentation treatment works by selective absorption of laser light pulses by melanin-containing skin cells. This causes the targeted cells to scatter and degenerate.
Age spots and sun pigmentation  15mins £75.00
Age spots and sun pigmentation  30mins £99.00
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