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Madonna Channels 20’s Flapper Girl Fashion

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, has been a style chameleon since her breakthrough on the music scene with her debut single, ‘Everybody’, in 1982. Ranging from her controversial, lustful leather era of ‘Erotica’ to the ‘American Pie’ cowgirl of ‘Music’ and much more in between, Madonna has never been one to settle on a particular style for too long.

Now she’s proven that even into her fifties Madonna’s still got the capacity to carry off a variety of styles and look very chic. For the premiere of her second-ever feature film, W.E., Madonna treaded the red carpet in true 20’s-style flapper girl fashion. The film, predominately about the relationship between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson, won the Golden Globe for best original song. Madonna, however, stayed behind the camera for this one!

In the 1920’s the flapper girl was known for flouting social norms, and Madonna in particular has been known for her not-entirely-conservative-image in the past, perhaps it was only a matter of time before the Material Girl turned Flapper Girl.

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