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Rihanna at the Battleship Premiere

Better known for her singing abilities than acting, Rihanna surprises us all by being rather good in a new film by Hancock director Peter Berg. Playing Petty Officer Cora Raikes, crew mate and weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones, Rihanna kicks butt in Battleship against a hoard of space aliens with a mighty fine haircut to match! Anna Till, member of the Regis Artistic Team and stylist at our Brent Cross salon, gives her verdict on Rihanna’s look at the film’s premiere in London this week:

“Rihanna once again amazes us with another colour change. I think the dark natural look really suits her. Whilst a very classy image Rihanna adds that current, fresh appeal too, really bringing out her eyes and skin tone, which looks incredibly radiant.

Her style here is the classic bun. A very top and in-demand style at the moment that’s being used for a lot of weddings, balls, and nights out. This even works as a day look with the messy bun which we did last year and can be found on YouTube here. I love Rihanna, she’s a massive style icon. And I think we may be getting a trend of people through our salons wanting the au naturale look.”

To book an appointment with Anna please ring the Brent Cross salon here: Regis Brent Cross.

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