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Introducing Wella Professionals Shinefinity – The shine you can feel

Currently get Colour Glaze with cut and blow dry for £55 at our Regis salons! *

What is Shinefinity?

The quest for healthy, shiny hair is on everyone’s mind, be that searching for the best gloss-boosting spray or a hydrating hair mask. But have you ever thought about colour? Wella Professionals NEW Shinefinity might just be the answer. Have you ever avoided colour because of the fear that it might damage your hair? Enter the ZERO damage, ZERO ammonia, ZERO silicones and ZERO drying alcohols Shinefinity Glaze, which also have a clean beauty formula and is free of any animal derived ingredients.

A brand new salon temporary colour service that veils your locks in shine you can feel. Not only delivering beautiful natural colour results but unlocking your glossiest air yet!

With three key services, you can choose what suits you best – book a consultation today with Regis!

Please note: A skin patch test will be required 48 hours prior to any of our Shinefinity services. This is regardless of whether you have previously had a colour service at our Regis salons.

Zero lift, zero damage

Silky finish

Ultimate shine

For all hair types

Which service is right for you?

Speed Glaze

New to colour or short on time and looking for a quick shine boost? Then the Speed Glaze is perfect for you. It can tone or add a subtle punch of colour in only 10 minutes.

Perfect for all hair types, including virgin hair – and of course with ZERO damage – you’ll walk away with the shiniest hair.

Colour Glaze

Beautiful colour results in just 20 minutes! Looking for a little more pampering and not so colour shy or maybe need to refresh your current colour? Then the Colour Glaze is for you. Chat to one of our colourists and they’ll tailor this service specifically to you. Delivering beautiful, natural results and healthy shine you can feel! Suitable for virgin, previously coloured and textured hair – we’ll find the perfect colour match for you!

Currently, get a Colour Glaze with cut and blow dry for £55!

Shimmer Melt

If you are a balayage fan, then this service is perfect for you! Whether that be an old balayage that needs refreshing or if you’re wanting to try out the style but are short on time.

The Shimmer Melt Glaze will first lighten your hair, and then our colourists will go over the lengths and ends with Shinefinity – delivering that beautiful shine and silky texture we’re all after!

*Terms and conditions apply

Terms and conditions

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