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Sixties Retro Style in Pan AM

They first brought us the exuberant retro-style of the 60’s in Mad Men, now America has given the BBC another dose of retro-cool in Pan AM. Super glamorous and riding the waves of the 60’s trend, the series focuses on the flight attendants and pilots of one of America’s then-biggest commercial airlines, Pan American World Airways.

Premiering on BBC Two on Wednesday and staring The Addams Family and Sleepy Hollow actress Christina Ricci as Maggie Ryan, Pan AM features an abundance of super-cool retro-style hairstyles, including Ricci’s own ‘Jackie O-style’ cute bob, and has been compared to Desperate Housewives and Mad Men.

Constantly jet-setting around the world, Maggie needs a hairstyle that is chic but manageable and the bob is the perfect solution. Ricci’s hair is bound to become one of the iconic looks this Winter and our talented salon team can recreate this look for any face shape by adjusting the length of the bob.

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