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The Lob vs Bob: Which One is Right For You?

This week, there were two celebrity hair transformations that really caught our eye. Firstly, Khloe Kardashian ditched her platinum blonde extensions and returned to her iconic long bob (or ‘lob’); and a mere couple of days later, younger sister Kylie Jenner went live on Snapchat to show her hair being cut into a sharp, short style. Clearly shorter hair is having a moment with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but which style is best for you: the lob, or the bob?

There are a number of different things to consider when choosing how short to go with your bob. One of the first things to think about is your face shape.If you have a round face, then a short bob can end up emphasizing this. A longer bob will suit you better as it will help to lengthen your face. Similarly, women with a square-shaped face will find that a shorter bob draws attention to a wide jaw if it ends right at that point; longer layers will help to soften the features rather than draw attention to them. Alternatively, women with heart-shaped faces like Kylie will find a shorter, face-framing bob flattering as it accentuates their delicate features. And you women with oval face shapes? Well, you can try out either, as you lucky ladies look great with most haircuts.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to consider how much effort you like to put into styling your hair. The extra length of a long bob gives you more versatility in regards to styling: you can wear it sleek and straight or with effortless, beachy waves like Khloe. The undone, overgrown nature of the style also means that it looks great with minimal styling – a few spritzes of texturising spray and a quick blast of the hairdryer can be all it takes to give you that bed head effect. In contrast, a shorter bob usually requires a bit more styling. If you have a sharp bob like Kylie’s, you will need to take time blowdrying and straightening it to keep the look sleek. In addition to this, you’ll also have to keep on top of regular trims at the salon to avoid the bob looking outgrown.

Another key consideration in the lob vs bob debate is how your hair is coloured. Hair that has already been lightened with ombre, highlights or balayage will suit a long bob, as the colour will add some much-needed movement and dimension to the hair to stop it from looking limp. On the other hand, a shorter bob looks best when there’s one solid block colour. Kylie Jenner’s solid black gives her bob an added edge and makes a real statement, whereas Khloe’s lob has more of a lived-in feel thanks to her on-trend dark roots.

Lob vs Bob: The Round-Up

Lob vs Bob Khloe Kardashian

A Khloe-esque lob will suit you if:

– you have a round or square face shape
– you prefer low maintenance styling
– you like to play with colour in your hair and have ombre or balayage

Lob vs Bob Kylie Jenner

You can pull off a short bob like Kylie if:

– you have a oval or heart-shaped face
– you don’t mind high-maintenance styling and are happy to keep on top of regular trims
– your hair is one solid colour

If you’re still unsure of whether it’s a lob or a bob for you, one of our  stylists can talk you through your options and your totally free hair consultation. Find you local Regis salon and be on your way to nailing one of the most on-trend lengths of the season.

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