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Back To Nature with Wella Elements

Natural and sulphate free shampoos and cosmetics have gone from strength to strength in popularity. The boom in products that go back to nature isn’t just good for the planet – they’re also proven to be great for your hair health too. That’s why Wella used their reputation for expert haircare to create the Elements range from Wella Professionals. Ensuring the same beautiful results from the whole range, but going back to basics for ingredients that are inspired by the goodness of nature.

So before we dive right in, you want to know what the benefits are, right? When we say paraben free or sulphate free, what exactly does it mean, and more importantly what do you get out of the deal? We’re always here to break down jargon and let you know exactly why we recommend our favourite products and exactly who they’re best for, so read on for easy insights and our favourite product picks from the Wella Professionals Elements range.

In a nutshell, parabens are a set of ingredients used to lengthen the shelf life of cosmetics. These preservative chemicals are added to products like hair masks and conditioners to keep them staying fresher for longer. More and more of us are becoming conscious of the chemicals we’re using in our everyday products, and there’s a popular movement towards natural and organic beauty products. With increasing numbers of professional products going paraben free, just like the Elements range, you’ll have total peace of mind.

So what about sulphates? These are ingredients found in shampoos that are strong, grease cutting detergents. But that sounds good right? Not totally true. The problem with the strong stripping powers of sulphate shampoos is that they can strip the moisture from the hair. This is okay if you have particularly grease-prone hair, but for damaged or dry tresses can end up more fragile over time. Sulphate-free options are milder and kinder, but they also don’t skimp on the cleanliness. Instead, they strike the perfect balance between squeaky clean and lusciously moisturised. That makes them great for coloured hair, naturally dry strands and especially heavily textured and coarse hair.

One big difference to bear in mind while you wash – sulphate free shampoos don’t lather the same way, so don’t stress at the lack of suds – you’re still getting a great clean.

The Elements Renewing Shampoo is one such sulphate-free formula, designed with the NuTREE complex that helps protect again keratin degeneration. That means your hair is protected, nourished and fresh feeling with every wash.

Pair it with the Lightweight Renewing Conditioner for every day results you’ll find irresistible. This natural formula is not just kind, it’s effective in strengthening individual fibers from within.

Need extra moisture? We can’t resist a regular indulgent hair treat. With a paraben free formula that leaves hair looking and feeling nourished and super soft, the Renewing Mask is a stylist favourite. Perfect for hair that needs some TLC, apply the mask after shampooing to help actively restore each strand’s structure from within. Who could resist the chance to rebuild hair without harsh chemicals? Not us, that’s for sure.


Have we converted you? Try the whole Elements range by Wella Professionals, easy to buy online now from Regis. The range is also available to buy in selected Regis Salons.


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