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Braided Festival Updo – Step-By-Step

As Summer’s festival season gets into full swing, we want to combine practical style with trends to achieve a look that’s both practical and pretty.

Braids are always a winning trend for the summer months, and this updo is a perfect way to tame the two-day old hair that’s unavoidable at camping festivals. It’s a cinch to achieve, too, with a little bit of practise and our step-by-step guide.

What You’ll Need: Volumizing Powder or Dry Shampoo, Hairspray and Hair Grips

Start by preparing the hair for styling. To achieve volume and grip on clean hair, use a voluminising powder at the roots. Try Designline’s Powder Boost which is a Regis best seller! If you’re styling day-old hair, reinject some life and texture by using a dry shampoo instead.

Part your hair (we chose to use a side parting on our model), and begin braiding a small section at the front of the head. Work down your hairline, bringing in sections of hair like a french plait as you go along, anchoring the braid to the rest of your hair.

Once you’ve reached the nape of the neck, gather the remaining lengths of hair together and continue to loosely braid, away from the head. Now twist and gather this plait into a bun, to one side or in the centre of your neckline.

Fasten the bun using hair grips, using as many as you need to make it secure. Remember, don’t worry about making it perfect as it’s a festival hairstyle look!

To finish the look, use your fingers to gently separate the braided section, loosening and separating the strands to create a casual Summery effect. Then simply spray all over with hairspray, such as Designline’s Firm Hold Mist, and you’re done! Very chic.

To see the full video and more on trend tutorials, go to the Regis Youtube channel.

Or get our latest Braided hairstyle look right here!

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