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Introducing the world’s first PP balm…

Most of us are familiar with BB and even CC creams when it comes to our skin, but have you ever heard of a PP balm… for you hair?

Thanks to the latest innovation from Bed Head by TIGI, it’s about the become the new must-have hair product. Meet Joyride: the world’s first Powder Primer balm for hair. The beauty blogosphere’s going mad for it!


So, first things first; what exactly is a Powder Primer balm and how does it work? TIGI’s International Creative Director Anthony Mascolo gives us the low-down:

“Joyride is based on the same ingredients as skincare where products have been moving to lighter, multi-functional creams. Here comes the science bit: the formula uses platinum charged and custom-engineered elastomer molecules which are found in many skincare products. These work together to give hair a ‘non-slip’ base for easier styling.

Our PP balm works to create the perfect base layer for your style by priming your hair with an invisible powder to give texture, drip and easy hold.

We believe Joyride could become as iconic as our Bed Head Stick. It’s such a unique product that’s fast becoming an essential for more and more people as they try it.”

fondest fancy

So, to sum up. The key benefits of Joyride are…

– Easy to style tresses with plenty of hold.

– Helps prevent that common “fluffiness” of freshly washed hair.

– Adds definition and texture.

– Smooths frizz.

We’re sold! Get yours online at ShopRegis.co.uk or in selected Regis salons.

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