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Kerastase 8H Magic Night Serum: The Perfect Overnight Companion


Longer days filled with much-needed sunlight, al fresco dining and vacay planning are all very welcome, but there is in fact one downside thanks to daylight saving time, we’ve lost an hour of sleep.

As we bask in the sunshine, it may not sound significant, but, as science would have it, our nightly regime is a careful balancing act. A lack of sleep can actually make us look older, according to leading dermatologist Dr Howard Murad. “Beauty sleep is not a cliche, it’s a fact. When you’re sleeping at night your body enters a type of hibernation that allows it to repair itself.”

The good news is, there’s a new wave of hard-working products primed and ready to take on the night shift. Products that are specifically designed to make better use of those midnight hours, help super-charge our usual beauty regime.  

We were seriously impressed with Kerastase’s launch of their new Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum. It’s non-greasy formula paved the way for all future intensive nourishing overnight serums and to say we were excited to try it out was an *understatement*. Designed to condition your hair while you sleep for long lasting nourishment, it’s the perfect addition to your hair routine.

How night serums just got smarter

“Knowledge of the skin and the effects of sleep have really impacted research and the creation of products,” says Sally Penford, Director of Education at Dermalogica.

Smart solutions like Kerastase’s new Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum, work in much the same way as a facial serum, providing a shot of potent, targeted nutrients overnight.

The best part? This product is ideally suited for busy schedules. You’ll be thrilled to know that there are no ten-step routines, no prep or waiting around for products to absorb into hair cuticles before resting your head. Instead, once applied, this wonderful little miracle-worker will put all the labour in for you, which means you get to wake up to gorgeously glossy hair with very little effort indeed.

Perfectly suited to busy lifestyles, the Kerastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum can be raked through dry (freshly washed or clean) hair with your fingers. Wrapping a glossy coat of nourishment around each of your strands, you won’t find anything anything like this on the market right now. Packed with a whole host of nourishing ingredients, the Magic Night Serum includes a cocktail of nutrient-packed vitamins and iris root extract – all the essentials we need for healthy hair packed into one handy bottle.

It’s also a must if you want to add a protective coat around each strands to shield against friction from the pillow whilst you sleep – which is what leads to our frizzball of a mane each morning, but thankfully with this serum, you can wake up to hair that’s softer and visibly glossier. If you’re worried about it weighing your hair down or making hair appear greasy, don’t be. The formula used in the Magic Night Serum is incredibly lightweight and is easily absorbed into each strand.

As the serum works hard throughout the night it penetrates each strand and is absorbed into the hair cuticle so that come morning, there’s no absolutely no residue left to wash out. A perfect lazy treatment if we ever did see one. And we can finally say with some honesty: ‘I woke up like this’.

Kerastase 8H Magic Night Serum Before and After Curly Brunette

The perfect overnight travel companion

When it comes to handy haircare, the new Nutritive 8h Magic Night Serum by Kérastase is also the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re on a long-haul or a short flight, this practically sized bottle should be your go-to essential for travel-perfect hair.  We all know the difficulties that come with maintaining a haircare routine whilst travelling, particularly when heading towards tropical climates, cue *frizzball* mane again.  But with this handy bottle in your carry on, there’ll be no more reasons to miss out on holiday Insta-worthy photo ops as you touch down.  From now on, jetlagged hair should clearly be a thing of the past.

When flicking between in-flight movies, add a few drops of the Magic Night Serum to the lengths and ends of your hair, then all you need to do is wake up at your destination with smooth, shiny hair. With no need to wash it out afterwards, you’ll be free to head straight to the beach, slopes or city lights.  

With its beautiful fragrance designed to develop whilst you sleep, this is the perfect addition to your night time beauty regime.

Kerastase eye masks 8H Magic Night Serum

Ready to add to your night-time beauty regime?

The 8H Magic Night Serum might not be the cheapest night serum out there, that’s for sure – but having said that it’s guaranteed to work and add the type of nourishment you’ve only dreamt about.  Priced at £36 (RRP), think of it as an investment – one that your hair will certainly thank you for. Shop online or selected Regis salons.

Wake up to the hair you’ve been dreaming about. Share your overnight hair routines with us @regisuk.

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