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NEW IN: ghd Ink on Pink Collection x Tattoo Artist David Allen

ghd ink on pink collection with tattoo artist David Allen

Not only are ghd THE heat styling deities of the hairdressing world, empowering women to look and feel beautiful, but they’re also helping to raise millions of £s in support of breast cancer charities all over the world. Ghd’s mission really does speak out to us too: helping today’s woman feel confident and beautiful. We believe that women today are more ambitious than ever before, and with that, beauty plays an important role – more so than it ever has done.

As ghd mark their 15th year of supporting breast cancer charities, and having raised over £10 million globally to date, they recently unveiled their latest limited-edition pink collection, named ‘Ink on Pink’. Teaming up with Chicago based tattoo artist, David Allen, ghd collaboratively created an original floral design based on his inspiring work with women bearing mastectomy scars, pledging £10 of every Ink on Pink sale to Breast Cancer Now.

For almost ten years now, David Allen has made it his mission to help women reclaim their femininity after breast cancer and feel that their body is beautiful again. Known for his abstract floral tattoo designs, he invokes a fierce take on femininity, allowing his clients to take back some of the control they had lost to their ill-fated circumstances. As the only editable design, flowers are used in David’s work as they symbolise life, rebirth, femininity and empowerment. Though it’s fair to say that his work is now regarded as much more than just a tattoo, instead invoking a powerful statement of self-love and renewed self-confidence.

ghd ink on pink collection breast cancer now awareness campaign tattoo artist david allen

At the heart of ghd’s pink campaign, is Grace Lombardo.

A real-life hero and inspiration to so many women who have gone through mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, it wasn’t difficult to see why ghd chose Grace to be the face of their campaign: My Tattoo, My Story. Grace went through a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and trusted tattooist David Allen to cover her scars with beautiful artwork, enabling her to take back some of the control that cancer took away.

“Cancer takes away more than your breasts. It takes your hair, your confidence. But my tattoo is something I decided to have, because I wanted to take back control.”

Following her own breast cancer treatment, her mastectomy tattoo has allowed her to recapture the femininity that began to fade away due to cancer.

According to a Breast Cancer Care survey 26% of women found the end of their treatment the hardest part of breast cancer with only 10% of them feeling positive after they were discharged from hospital treatment. Sad to say, more than half, 53%, struggled with anxiety at the end of treatment and nearly a third, 31%, with depression.

David shared his thoughts on collaborating with ghd

“The connection with ghd and this partnership makes sense. When I work with my clients, it takes time, we build back their confidence together and these incredible women open up to me. Much like that time you spend with your hairstylist, that intimacy and power of transformation is akin to one another.”

Similarities between tattoo artists and hairdressers

“It’s beautiful to see how hairdressers enable women to feel beautiful. When you think of stylists and the time they spend with their clients – the validation that happens when you hear someone’s story, when you’re listening, when you’re present. That matters. There’s healing in that.

I see similarities between what I do and the role of a hairdresser during a sensitive time, like going through cancer and chemotherapy. Hairdressers will tell you what they know about their clients – you hear of tragedy, illness, pain and loss.

Stylists help in the process of reclaiming femininity especially during sensitive times when facing hair loss. There’s definitely synergy between my role and theirs – hairdressers enable women to feel beautiful and build in confidence.”

Molly Weingart, another client of David’s, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. Molly was tattooed on the shoot of the ghd pink campaign and told ghd:

“The experience of having breast cancer left me feeling maimed and deformed. Every aspect of my femininity was attacked and somehow insulted. I lost both of my breasts and nipples. I harvested my eggs in case chemo made me infertile. I lost my hair. I felt covered in scars and revolting.

The impacts of getting tattooed by David keep rippling into my daily life in waves of healing that I couldn’t anticipate. Before I got the tattoo, I was so excited to not see scars when I looked down. The scars felt like a continuous reminder of what I had lost, what I would never be or do. I didn’t expect or even believe that getting tattooed by David could make me feel beautiful again— it did—or that instead of feeling like a medical oddity, I would feel like I’m a walking piece of art and my body is the canvas.”

To create the Ink on Pink collection, David flew out to London, where he learnt about the printing process and the collection itself.

“The whole process was wrapped in love and emotion. I was pretty hands on which was so important to me. What I do is very insular so when this message and these women’s story is out on a grander scheme, that’s beautiful. I want people to see the power and the beauty of these women and the choices they made.”

The award-winning ghd platinum+ and ghd gold stylers certainly capture the beauty of this campaign, embellished with David’s signature floral ink work.

Enwrapped in a delicate shade of glistering pink, if you’re on the market for a new straightener, please consider the Ink on Pink collection, and help ghd raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

£10 of every Ink on Pink sale goes straight to Breast Cancer Now.

The largest UK breast cancer research charity Breast Cancer Now, are dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease. Their aim is that by 2050, anyone who develops breast cancer will live. By joining forces with ghd, every purchase of the new ghd Ink on Pink collection will donate £10 towards vital cancer research. Please show your support today.

ghd ink on pink banner

The Ink on Pink Collection:

Platinum+ Styler

Featuring breakthrough ultra-zone with predictive technology, the ghd platinum+ has been inked with David Allen’s beautiful, limited-edition floral design.

Gold Styler

Containing dual-zone technology for a truly premium performance, the stunning limited-edition design tattooed on the body of this straightener is simply beautiful.

If you’re considering an artistic tattoo on the breast or chest, or know someone who is and need some support with the decision, please visit Breast Cancer Care for more information.

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