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Introducing Baxter of California – the ultimate grooming line for men

Men’s grooming products can be pretty utilitarian at times. They clean and detoxify just fine, but they rarely moisturise or condition your skin and that’s *never* sat well with us. In fact, we’ve always felt that men deserve the same – deeply-nourishing – skin care that us girls enjoy, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new range of super-luxurious grooming products from Baxter of California.

Fresh from the Golden Coast, these decadent salves, creams and lotions are all packed with natural ingredients that are designed to nourish and revitalize your skin *without* disrupting the natural balance of sebum oils. Or exacerbating any problems with dryness or irritation.

Baxter of California also provide a fantastic range of men’s styling products, including an excellent grooming cream and clay effect spray as well as an array of absolutely stellar hair pomades that we literally can’t get enough of.

To help you get to grips with the new range, we’ve profiled each and every item right here: Walking you through the things that make it unique, and trying to shed some light on our boundless enthusiasm for this brilliant selection of brand-new products.

Skin care

Skin Concentrate BHA

A powerful serum that’s designed to unclog  pores and revitalize tired skin, this luxurious concentrate wowed us from the word go. It’s packed with vitamin E – which has a whole host of antioxidant benefits – and it’s also loaded with caffeine to help calm any redness or irritation. 

Best of all though, this awesome little product provides a heaped dose of Beta (or BHA). Despite its scary-sounding name, this superpowered ingredient is prized for its ability to tighten, firm and brighten your skin by clearing out your pores and breaking up dead skin.

So, if you’re looking for a routine essential that’ll calm your skin and eradicate unsightly blemishes, this stuff comes highly recommended!

Daily Face Wash

Speaking of routine essentials, this daily face wash is an absolute godsend. Particularly if you’re cursed with super-sensitive skin. Unlike a lot of men’s cleaning products, it has an incredibly gentle formula that’s packed with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin – a natural extract that’s prized for its ability to refresh and soothe your skin.

This decadent face wash is also 100% free of parabens *and* sulphates, which means that you can enjoy clean and healthy skin without worrying about long-lasting damage, dryness or irritation.

And boy does this stuff clean! The tiniest dollop is more than enough to gently lift the dirt out of your pores without leaving your skin feeling parched or irritated.

Facial Scrub

For those of us looking for an incredibly deep clean, this exfoliating scrub is absolutely unbeatable. Like all of Baxter of California’s grooming products, it’s packed with nourishing ingredients like honey, chamomile and lavender extract. But this incredibly rejuvenating scrub also contains a handful of gentle exfoliants – including cornmeal and walnut shell powder.

These natural exfoliants help to buff away dead skin and unclog your pores; leaving your face feeling completely revitalised *without* drying out your skin or irritating any sensitive areas.

Natural exfoliants like walnut shell powder are also known to encourage fresh cell growth and help to prevent ingrown hairs. So if you’re looking for a nourishing scrub that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh, clean and well-groomed, we’d definitely recommend this excellent little cleanser.

Oil Free Moisturizer

A lightweight, daily moisturiser with added UV protection, we think this product’s a summer essential. It’s packed with glycerin and vitamin E, which helps to nourish and soothe your skin. It’s also oil free which means that it won’t unbalance your complexion (or leave you with shiny looking skin).

This means you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, healthy looking skin all summer long – without worrying about sebum buildup or the appearance of any problem areas. That extra UV protection (SPF-15) also means that you’ll be able to gad about without stressing over sunburn so if you’re trying to relax and enjoy the heat, we’d definitely recommend working this moisturiser into your daily routine.

Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser

Hydro Salve Lip Balm

Combining shea butter with vitamin E and coconut oil, this super-simple lip balm offers unparalleled protection. It’s also got a pretty awesome, citrusy flavour that’s modelled on the California lemon. And – to top it off – it’s also one of the few lip balms that’s actually designed to nourish and soften your skin, so if you’re sick of spending the summer with chapped, dry or irritated lips, you know where to turn…

Oh, and it has a no-shine finish. So no, you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing lip gloss.

Baxter Hydro-Salve Lip Balm

Styling products

Cream Pomade

Offering light hold and plenty of moisture, this pomade is perfect for tousled locks and carefree ‘dos. It’s also pliable which means that you’ll be able to restyle/remodel your hair throughout the day. Oh, and it’s also made with all-natural ingredients that’ll help to condition and moisturise your hair without altering its texture.

It’s a great choice for hassle-free hairstyles, and it’s also a great antidote to summer frizz so if you’re trying to lean into SS19’s lazy and carefree vibes, this stuff is right on the money.

Baxter Cream Pomade

Clay Pomade

This clay pomade is a bit of a wonder product. It offers a strong, long-lasting hold that’s perfect for structured styles (or longer locks) and it’s all-natural formula is packed with wonder ingredients like bentonite clay and natural honey.

The inclusion of bentonite clay is particularly important, because tiny clay particles will do wonders for your hair’s texture and shine. All in all, we think this pomade is absolutely ideal for men that need a “set and forget” style product that’ll nourish their hair, and lock down their style for a whole day.

Baxter Clay Pomade

Hard Cream Pomade

A nice, solid option that offers (incredibly) long-lasting hold, this stellar pomade is an absolute must for anyone with thick or wavy hair. It’ll add tonnes of structure and definition to your style, and it’s also a great way of amping up your hair’s natural texture.

Better still, it’s natural formula is 100% paraben free which means you can use it over and over again, without worrying about irritation or dryness. If you need something that’s strong, durable and nourishing, we’d be hard-pressed to recommend something better.

Grooming Cream

This cream actually won a (coveted) Esquire grooming award, and with good reason too. It’s absolutely packed with ingredients like  sunflower and jojoba seed oil, which is designed to nourish your hair and boost its natural shine. Plus it has a light hold of its own, and it includes extracts of meadowfoam and grape seed oil which is known to help cut down on frizz.

Squeeze it out of the bottle and spread it through your hair for instant style, or use it as a pre-style cream that’ll help you mould the ultimate ‘do. The point is, this stuff is super versatile and incredibly nourishing so if you’re serious about upping your hair game, you’ll definitely want to work it into your routine.

Clay Effect Spray

A great way to add instant texture to your hair, this simple and straightforward spray is designed to give your locks a gritty, lived-in look that’s absolutely perfect for summer-ready styles. We also love that this wonder-spray contains ingredients like castor oil; green tea extract and jojoba, which help to nourish thinning hair and protect against the damage caused by everyday pollutants.

Best of all though? The hold. See, this stuff is designed to lock down your style and keep every single strand of hair in place, which means that you can rely on it to keep your hair absolutely perfect all day long.

Spritz your hair with a quick burst of this spray and you’ll be set for anything. And we do mean anything.

Hair Care

Daily Fortifying Shampoo

Light, clean and incredibly nourishing, this shampoo is a great choice of every-day cleanser. Unlike a lot of the harsh, chemical-heavy shampoos that are (normally) marketed at men, it’s actually designed to nourish and enrich your hair – providing wheat protein, coconut extract and vitamin E to moisturise and strengthen your locks.

Better still, it provides all of the nutrients that are needed to encourage fresh growth, so if you’re looking for something that’ll help you to build volume *and* shine, this stuff is definitely worth a try,

We also love that it’s infused with a fresh, minty scent that’s 100% perfect for summer.

Daily Fortifying Conditioner

The second step in Baxter of California’s 2-part “strengthening system”, this conditioner is designed to compliment the brand’s (incredible) daily shampoo. It contains natural ingredients that are designed to fortify and enrich your hair: Diving down deep under the cuticle layer to inject the proteins and oils that are needed to boost fresh growth and create a super-luxurious shine.

And because this conditioner is designed to be used every day, it won’t build up in your hair (or leave your locks looking greasy/tired). In our eyes? Conditioning is an essential part of your routine and you’d be a fool to miss out on this top-tier product. Particularly if you want to enjoy some seriously healthy hair all year round…

Can’t wait to shop the range?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you’ll find the full selection of Baxter of California’s products on our online store. Just click here to browse the range, and start your journey towards healthier, happier skin (or hair).

You’ll also find Baxter of California products at a few of our salons. At the moment, we’re stocking the range in our Regis Gateshead, Regis Watford, Regis Portsmouth and Regis Cribbs Causeway salons, but stay tuned because we may well be adding more locations to this list soon!

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