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Real Treatments for Thinning Hair for Men and Women

When it comes to issues with our hair, for men and women alike there’s nothing we like talking about less than thinning. It can knock our confidence, and cause stress to all who suffer from it. But it might just be that you don’t simply have to put up with it.

A problem that occurs for a huge age range of people, and with a whole host of causes, we want to banish the days when people considered thinning hair a ‘guilty secret’. We bet that there’s a whole host of you reading this who have no idea that there are some effective treatments out there! Well, keep reading and you might find the saving grace for your self-conscious hair woes.

The first thing we recommend for anyone who’s noticed unusual hair loss in the shower, excessive breakage or any problems that concern you? Of course, visit your hair stylist! At Regis, our stylists are trained to the highest levels of expertise, and we’ve seen it all, so there’s no reason to feel self-conscious. They can help you reduce the likely causes and find the products and routine that will work for you. In some cases, it might even mean a trip to a dermatologist is next on the list, but for a host of common causes, our salon professionals might just have the answer.

For women, hair loss can come at some of the most unexpected times of life. Far from the myth that thinning only occurs during the menopause, women can see weakened hair at any age. Whether it’s a result of hormonal changes in pregnancy, stress or even the result of harsh chemical treatments on the hair, it’s all more common than you think.

For men, there is no treatment for male pattern baldness, but there are lots of ways to minimise the visibility of its effects. Did you know that many men experience a gradual thinning long before loss at the roots? That’s when you can make the most of thinning treatments to prolong the look of your hair, masking any receding or loss for far longer.

The treatments for hair loss have a bad reputation for being hokum, but we’ve found that the product lines we use produce great results. The secret? The successful treatments target thinning, not pattern baldness.

Hair that is damaged at the root grows back too thin to achieve full length. Whatever the cause, whether from hormonal effects or even traction alopecia, this hair can be thickened and strengthened with the right treatments. That means those strands can be converted from fine baby hairs to thick, luscious hair in just a few regular treatments. The right treatments also nourish your scalp’s health, which is especially important for allowing follicles to create hair with the best chance of growing thick and healthy from the start.

So what do we recommend? Nioxin is one of our favourites. A range that many of our stylists swear by themselves, it achieves exceptional results in thickening the hair and reducing the visible effects of thinning due to a range of causes. Check out this video.

One of our favourite things about Nioxin is that they’re so confident you’ll enjoy the results, that the offer a 30 trial and moneyback guarantee. Ask your stylist to help you find the right Nioxin system for your hair, based on its texture and condition. They even have specially formulated systems that work on coloured hair, so you don’t have to sacrifice your shade to get your hair back on track.

We also love Kérastase serums, which contain active ingredients designed to formulate thicker hair from the scalp and root.

If you’re still feeling skeptical and don’t want to splash out just yet, why not try some thickening daily products? Here are some of our favourites, designed to use regularly for men and women. You’ll notice results in just a few applications, making these perfect for people who are seeing only minor thinning effects.

One more thing we’d recommend? If you’re experiencing significant hair loss at the root, see your doctor or a dermatologist. There are dozens of potential causes, and many are highly treatable, so you don’t have to simply put up with it. Once you’ve discovered the root cause, use these treatments to accelerate the visible results, strengthen your new regrowth and promote the best scalp health. A healthy scalp ensures you get the best results in your regrowth, from root to tip of every strand. That allows you to be sure that healthy, thick hair confidence is achievable once again in your near future.

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