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The Buyer’s Guide to Styling Accessories

We all know that feeling of leaving the salon chair with dream hair, only to struggle recreating that look the next day. You’ve got the cut, the perfect colour and all the right products, but it’s still not quite right? That’s where salon professional accessories come in. Helping you create a whole host of styles, from every day bouncy blow-outs to intricate updos, the right accessories make styling like the experts so much easier to achieve.

So what do we mean by accessories? Basically it’s all those non-electrical tools we use to create your style. That means brushes, combs, clips – even adapters for your electrical stylers. And yes, surprisingly enough they actually do all perform their own unique tasks when it comes to creating perfect hair.


We can’t deny it, when this little brush came onto the market courtesy of a Dragon’s Den pitch, we were skeptical. But try it once, and you’ll never do without your Tangle Teezer again – honest! Whatever your texture, from fine and straight all the way to the tightest of afro curls, this brush is the kind and pain free way to rid your locks of tangles. Use it straight from the shower and you’ll find styling that much easier, even if your hair is suffering from dryness or a tendency to break. Use the Aqua Splash version in the shower itself, working through your conditioner or simply detangling to make sure every strand is squeaky clean. We love the Magic Flowerpot, the perfect little brush and accessories kit for your little princesses – plus they won’t squirm during brushing time thanks to the brush’s unique tangle-free technology.


Now that your hair is smoothly brushed out and detangled, it’s time to blow-dry and style. That means switching tools to get that salon pro drying technique just right. We swear by the ghd Paddle Brush for almost every drying need, especially perfect for straight hair styles. Want something with more bounce? A Radial Brush is a must for volume and curl. Don’t forget your Oval Dressing Brush to smooth down the finished results, before and after styling and setting.


We don’t know where we’d be without those special extras, so here’s some of our favourites. Want to create a curl or wave, or even accentuate your natural ringlets? This diffuser from Diva Professional is perfect for texturising as you dry. Another must for the curly girls, the wide toothed ghd Detangling Comb works on wet or dry locks to separate curls safely and painlessly. But if you only buy one of our products on this whole page, make it the ghd Tail Comb – the styling, updo creating wonder that no hair obsessive should be without!

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