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Wella TrendVision 2013: Fusion

Wella’s Trend Vision collections encompass the four trends that will cause a ripple effect through the fashion and hair world in 2013, and are based on the key catwalk looks that ultimately shape our high street buys and our new season hair looks. From colour to cut, techniques and styling choices, this past year has seen Wella creative stylists pushing the boundaries of couture hair.

Fusion is the harmony: the hand of kinship crossing boundaries with her sophisticated style and enchanting presence to create a new harmony of eclectic colour and refined style. One of two trends for Spring/Summer 2013 the Fusion trend brings together the daring innovation renowned in Eastern fashion, with the traditional classic elegance of Western fashion. The result tempers outlandish influences with a high fashion luxury for a flawless finish, making even the bold colours of this season adaptable for the most refined occasion.

While sister trend Decibel is about boldness and brights, Fusion represents a more luxurious and artfully crafted choice in colour, using Wella ILLUMINA for the biggest impact in luminous colour.

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