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Can a trip to the hair salon be good for you?

Visiting a hair salon can mean a great deal of things to different people. Some see a trip to the salon as part of their regular beauty routine, others consider it a treat to pamper themselves whilst some see it as a practical means to keep their look up to date and on trend. Whatever your reason, visiting a salon is ultimately a personal choice to make you feel good about yourself. Whether it’s popping in for a regular trim or simply treating it as well-needed ‘you’ time when your mind and body are craving a bit of R and R.

So, what is it about visiting a hair salon that makes us feel good?

Aside from the obvious of leaving with a great new hair style that makes us look and feel great about our physical appearance, we also leave feeling great on the inside too (well, we hope we all do).

Let’s face it, for some, their hair stylist knows far more about them than even their closest friends. But why is that? Is it the relaxing environment that puts us at ease when talking to a ‘stranger’? Is it the fact that aside from looking in the mirror at each other you’re not actually facing each other, making it easier to unveil some of our personal life circumstances? Is it because we run out of small talk and feel the need to fill silence? Is it because we’ve created a genuine bond with our hair stylist who, other than your hair, has no other connection with you and therefore their opinions are regarded as unbiased? Do we even seek the opinions of our hair stylist when it comes to matters close to our heart? Or do we just seek a good listener? It’s no secret that getting things off our chest gives us a sense of relief and liberates us from burdening issues. Could this be why we benefit from the feel-good factor (both inside and out) the very moment we step out of the salon?

How did we get on to the ‘this-is-your-life’ parody with our hair stylist in the first place?

If you’ve ever popped in to a Regis salon, you’ll know that understanding your life style is an essential part of our consultation process. Understanding how much time you have for hair maintenance can quite naturally lead onto discussions around your work life, your fashion style and what you like to do for fun.

What sort of relationship do you have with your hair stylist?

Do we really see our stylists as a form of therapy? Well, sort of. For starters they’re much cheaper than seeing a therapist. Sometimes a haircut or colour can provide us with more than just the external ‘feel good’ factor. For some it can mean far, far more than that. We’ve seen repeatedly how stylists have made guests feel better about themselves, giving them a boost of confidence and encouragement.

Salon woman smiling chatting

What do our guests feel?

Some think of their local salon as a safe-haven that offers a sense of calm, freedom and zen. Could it be true that along with great looking hair, there is also a therapeutic element attached to a salon visit? We asked some of our guests how they felt when they leave the salon and many associated feeling good with visiting their hair stylist. One guest told us:

“I feel it is a time to unwind and relax, read a mag, down a cup of their coffee and enjoy the whole experience of ‘me’ time, such a precious time and one not to be missed!”.

We recognise that the guest-stylist relationship is key to a positive salon experience, and so do our guests.

“After having my hair done I feeI like a completely different person, totally relaxed and confident with my appearance once again. I have a favourite stylist at my local salon. She is very friendly and always makes me feel special.”

“She instantly puts you at ease. And does amazing things with my unruly, curly hair. I always feel beautiful when I leave.” 

There are different elements of visiting a hair salon that can contribute to the improvement of wellbeing. It’s hard not to find yourself in a relaxed state when you’re sitting comfortably with a cup of tea and a good magazine or book while an expert works their magic to make us look and feel wonderful. Good conversation is very much part of this experience and this guest agreed too saying:

“I talk non-stop when I’m at the salon and my stylist listens to me – which is why I love coming to see her.”  

On the flip side, we know some guests just like to relax in silence – which can be just as therapeutic too. The most important thing to note here is that whatever you consider therapeutic is completely your own choice. There is a sense of unspoken trust between guest and stylist when it comes to building a connection, which is why we believe in the importance of listening to your needs. Some guests even have their favourite stylist and will not allow anyone else to cut their hair, even if it means stretching the limits of a grown out balayage whilst their favourite stylist is on holiday.  An all too familiar feeling!

“My stylist always cuts my hair just how I like it. She remembers all of her customers and gives each one 100%. If she’s having a bad day, you would never know it. I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my hair for as long as she’s there.”

Perhaps this is not just about the stylist’s ability to cut and colour hair, but also the connection and sense of comfort in choosing to either chat or enjoy a blissful silence between you and your stylist. Your hairapy. Your way.  

Happy World Mental Health Day

How do you feel when you visit a hair salon? Let us know by tagging @RegisUK and using the hashtag #RegisWMHD

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