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What Is A Master Colour Expert?

Master Colour Expert

When you’re looking to colour your hair the last thing you want is a colour that will wash out, fade or worse, look nothing like you wanted. Despite a plethora of at-home hair dye kits on the market, there really is no substitute for a quality, professional salon colour. At Regis, we go one step further. We have our Wella Master Colour Experts (MCEs).

Our MCEs have graduated from the prestigious Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert Programme, one of the highest colour accolades in the industry, and are now the most highly-qualified experts on hair colour in the UK. We currently have nearly 70 MCEs working in our salons across the UK who are professionally trained to assess and colour your hair to the exact specifications you require.

With a limited intake each year, our stylists have managed to bag their golden ticket for senior colourists looking to become a true authority in colour. It’ll come as no surprise then that our MCEs are part of the UK’s trusted colour elite and have joined forces with some of the best colourists in the world, educated by the award winning Wella Professionals team.

Regis Creative Director Kieron Fowles recognises the importance of professional colouring:

“As a client you put all your trust and faith in your colourist which is why it’s so important that your stylist is a true colour expert. The MCE award highlights industry level expertise and I’m so pleased that so many of our senior colourists have been recognised as true colour experts by the trade. They work so hard and have such a passion for colour that they’re always itching to get back into salon and put their inspiration and knowledge into practice.”

Fiona tells us how being an MCE has helped her offer a better client experience:

“Being a trained Master Colour Expert is definitely one of my proudest achievements. I feel amazing to have qualified as one of the UK’s experts in colouring hair! And it’s not just a personal achievement either because with the knowledge I have gained from the course I’m able to share with my colleagues, who are themselves growing in their expertise and confidence. This in turn is enabling our salons to offer a better, more comprehensive client experience.”

Fiona McCracken, Regional Business Manager

The confidence of being able to achieve the colour wanted by a client is so important says Melissa:

“Being awarded an MCE has made me far more confident as a hairstylist and I can better consult with my clients about the colour result they want to achieve. Put simply, I feel confident that I can deal with any colour request from a client and achieve the result exactly the way they hoped for.”

Melissa Parkes, salon manager

Laurie loves the exclusivity of being an MCE and the expertise that comes with it:

“I feel I’m at the very top of my game because I am an MCE. I loved every second of the course and the experience I had was an amazing opportunity. I’ve learnt since graduating that I am part of an exclusive group of professionals across the UK which makes me feel so special – my knowledge of hair colouring is on par with the very best in the country and you can’t get better than that!”

Laurie Rowley, salon manager


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