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Friendsnips: Dual Appointments at Regis

Do you struggle to see your friends as often as you would like? Well, we have the perfect solution for you: turn your friendship into a friendsnip.

At Regis, we understand how hard it is to fit seeing friends into your busy schedule. Other commitments such as work and family can fill our weeks up pretty quickly, leaving little time to catch up with our closest friends. This is why we’re encouraging women across the country to transform their usual salon visit into a chance for socialising – essentially ticking two things off that list at once. Book in for your usual hair and beauty appointments at the same time as your friends, and catch up from the salon chair!


After all, a recent survey that we conducted amongst our guests found that 82% wish they could see their close friends more. Almost 80% admitted that their busy lifestyles get in the way of them seeing friends, with many of our guests citing work (80%), family commitments (58%) and household chores (30%) as the specifics that take up their time.

With over a third of us only seeing our closest friends a couple of times a month or less, having quality time together in the salon is the perfect way to keep in touch with each other. So whether you’re getting your nails done, having your colour touched-up or getting a blow dry for that girls’ night out, make it social and invite your friend along!

To book a dual appointment for you and a friend, simply call your local salon.

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