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Get smart about hair colour with L’Oreal’s Smartbond

Loreal Smartbond Regis Model Blonde Hair

If you’re not into colour bonding yet, now is the time to get to know about Smartbond. Are you a hair colour enthusiast? Have you ever found yourself wondering why experts always harp on about why it’s so important to trust the professionals? Well, this is one of the biggest contributing factors. Professional hair colouring requires a professional hair colour treatment. There is a vast array available, sure – but this is why we believe Smartbond trumps all other hair colour related treatments.

With so many hair colour treatments available in salons nowadays, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your hair. A lot of hair treatments available in the majority of salons promise to repair the damage caused to hair after the colouring process. With L’Oréal Professionnel’s Smartbond however, it’s applied during the colouring process, protecting hair throughout and is even touted to vivify and soften dyed hair over time.

Smartbond is the ultimate bond strengthening service at Regis salons, which is added to a colour service to help minimise any potential damage & protect your hair. Created by (quite literally) hair wizards over at L’Oréal Professionnel, Smartbond is designed to protect the bonds deep within the hair shaft and strengthens them during your colouring process. The end result? Hair that feels stronger, touchably softer and shinier.  


How does Smartbond compare to other colour related treatments?

The Smartbond treatment is added to colour and absorbs right into the hair shaft during the chemical process. Unlike treatments similar to Olaplex, it does not react with the broken bonds in any way— instead it acts as an emollient between protein chains to help make hair not as brittle and add to its elasticity factor.  

Regular treatments, on the other hand, work via chemical reaction to mend chemicalised bonds. When hair is coloured, some of the bonds that are responsible for maintaining the strength of hair are broken. Once these bonds are broken, hair is more susceptible to breakage. It is rather difficult (scientifically speaking) to repair hair that is already damaged, however working to protect hair during the colouring process can be a far more sufficient way to keep hair healthier for longer. That is why our in-house experts recommend Smartbond through and through.

Our stylists also explained that unlike other treatments, Smartbond does not negatively affect colour vibrancy or disturb your chosen hue or colour placement. Smartbond can also be added to glossing treatments for added strength. A lot of the time, the more products that are mixed with your bleach or gloss, the more likely it is that they will assist in moving the colour. However, with Smartbond, you can be safe in the knowledge that your colour will remain its intended shade once rinsed off as well as stay put as designed by your colourist.

Loreal Smartbond

What to expect

Smartbond is a simple two-step process that seamlessly fits into your normal colour service. Your stylist will mix the first treatment with your usual colour or lightener. This is great for time-conscious salon guests as it will not add any extra time to your colour development.

Next, your stylist will apply a pre-shampoo treatment after rinsing the colour from your hair. This will fully rinse away any chemical residue, which otherwise could have been left to weaken your hair. After these two steps, there is also a take-home conditioning treatment that you can use weekly. This will help to continuously strengthen the fibres of your hair in between your colour appointments.

Because of the changing nature of colour bonding, many salons add a considerable charge for services such as SmartBond or Olaplex. However, as the colour experts, we believe that all salon guests should have the opportunity to improve the strength and appearance of their hair. As such, prices for Smartbond in Regis will start from just £10 when you’re having a colour service. What’s more, you can also have the treatment independent of a colour service for just £15 – a great way to strengthen your hair in between colour appointments.

Colour bonding is an incredibly simple treatment to add to your colour service, but it can make a huge difference to the condition of your coloured hair. With Smartbond now available in all Regis salons, you can say hello to your healthiest hair ever. Get in touch with your local Regis today to book in for your bonding.

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