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Committed to salon safety: How your appointment will look post-lockdown

Post-lockdown hair appointments at Regis

We’re excited about reopening salons from early July. But we also remain committed to salon safety post-lockdown.

We’re reopening: salon safety is our top priority

It comes as no surprise why so many of us are keen to get back into the salon as soon as possible. In fact, a recent survey suggested hair appointments were among the top three things people are most excited for post-lockdown. Alongside going on holiday and eating in a restaurant.

Yes, our team’s hair and beauty skills will still be as good as you recall. However, there’s no denying the salon experience as a whole will feel a little different post-lockdown. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant putting in place additional (and quite stringent) protective measures to ensure maximum salon safety. The good news is, we are prepared, confident and excited about our salons reopening post-lockdown. 

UPDATE: Salons in England will open from 4th July and salons located in Scotland will reopen from 15th July.

All Regis safety measures can be viewed in Our Commitment To You.  Rest assured that we will update our protocols as and when new information becomes available from the government.

Together with so many of you, we’re counting down to reopening our salons. Working relentlessly across our salons nationwide, our teams have been busy preparing for your safe arrival. Want to find out what your hair appointment will look like when we reopen? Keep reading to get a pretty good idea.

Your arrival might be different 

Once you’ve booked your appointment, we will send you a gentle reminder of our salon safety rules. This will include things like arriving promptly and unaccompanied to avoid congestion inside the salon. When you arrive, you’ll notice safety protocol posters around our reception area. Take time to read these so that you are aware of our social-distancing and hygiene rules. For added protection, you’ll also notice (quite blatantly) a safety screen. You can still approach the reception desk, but remember to social-distance, using the 2 metre floor tape as a guide. A team member will greet you and provide you with a disposable face mask. Which, by the way, you’ll need to wear at all times whilst in the salon.

Limited hand-contact and sanitisation will be necessary

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser before your stylist or therapist is able to begin your service. Our teams will also be required to use hand sanitiser between each appointment as well as regularly wash their hands throughout the day.

As much as we love seeing guests explore our display stands, we kindly ask that you refrain from touching products. Instead, let a team member know you’re interested in purchasing a product. They will wipe the products down before placing in a bag for you to purchase and take home at the end of your appointment. We should also point out that we won’t be able to provide refreshments or reading material – but if the ruling changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Post-lockdown hair appointments at Regis

Our teams will be wearing protective gear 

Hopefully this will come as no surprise post-lockdown. Our teams will be wearing face visors and protective aprons throughout your service (as well as gloves when using the wash basin). They will also use every other work station or will have installed safety screens to maintain social-distancing.

As many of us will attest, a huge part of the salon experience is the social side. We love catching up or even just having a general chit chat. By wearing protective equipment all day however, it can begin to feel a little hot and uncomfortable. So, please don’t feel that our stylists are purposely not as talkative as you recall. It may just be a little more challenging to talk whilst wearing PPE!

Stringent hygiene standards will be in place 

This will include things like the cleaning of all tools and product packaging after use. And of course disinfecting all salon surfaces regularly throughout the day. Our teams are also barbicide accredited. This means they have full understanding of proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards. 

There may be fewer appointments available post-lockdown

We expect that social-distancing regulations are set to continue into the future, including after we have reopened our salon doors. This means the number of appointments your local salon will be able to offer will be reduced. Our advice to you is to ensure you get your appointment booked in as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. The great thing is, you’re able to book your appointment online from the comfort of your home. You can also ensure you get your preferred day and time by rebooking your next service before you leave the salon.   

Post-lockdown: Our spirits will remain high 

Even with the cleaning, reduced availability and protective gear, we are still feeling a sense of optimism. We are excited at the prospect of welcoming our salon guests through our doors once again. If the last 3 months are anything to go by, this lockdown has reaffirmed the treasured relationship our stylists have with each and every one of you.

We appreciate all of the support and kind messages during what has been a challenging time for us all. Our teams are looking forward to creating beautiful hair and catching up with you, our amazing salon guests once again.

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