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Regis Salons 2013 Styles: The Goodfella

When we shot our new styles collection for 2013, we gave you a sneak peak in our preview video. Continuing our individual showcase of each of our looks for the season, we’re here to show you the final installment in our new image showcase. INTRODUCING…


Think suave, debonair, timeless… that’s what The Goodfella is all about. A classic quiff that oozes style, it’s worthy of the suited and booted man of the world. It says you mean business, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to look great getting it.

The timeless look of De Niro and Liotta, this city slicker style perfectly straddles the line between good guy and gangster. The sort of hairstyle you can take home to meet the parents, but with the edge to see you right on the streets too.

Taking the classic short back and sides, The Goodfella adds height to the classic quiff for maximum impact. Without a hair out of place, this style can fit any man with killer style. Whether your hair is straight, waved or curly, our know-how will have heads turning to get a second look.

The cut and style can be easily adapted to suit every face and body shape with the help of our expert stylists, creating a tailor made short style for any Regis guest.

The quiff has been making its mark on mens fashion for many seasons, proving its timeless versatility. With stars like David Beckham turning it into a signature, there’s a twist on this style just waiting to be crafted for you.

If you’re ready to commit to the crop, visit your local Regis Salon for a free personal consultation, where our stylists will create the perfect look for you.

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