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See hair colour in a new light with Illumina’s Opal-Essence

Wella Illumina Opal Essence

Inspired by one of SS19’s hottest trends, Wella have introduced a brand new range of metallic hair shades. We’re launching the collection @ Regis salons up and down the country, but first we thought we’d take a few minutes to introduce the range, and let you see what all the fuss is about…

Glitter makeup might have *dominated* this spring’s runway shows, but it looks like metallic hair might be the real trend to watch. We’ve already spotted various shades of gunmetal; rose gold and shimmering, copper-red hair at some of this season’s biggest events, and #silverhair had about 1.6 million posts the last time we checked Instagram.

Celebs like Winnie Harlow and Cara Delevingne have also been experimenting with metallic hair this year, and we really can’t fault them for it. After all, what could be more glam than a head full of iridescent bronze curls? or a super-snatched, silver-grey pony? 

Sadly, achieving celeb-tier metallic hair is a bit of a challenge. Or at least it was – until Wella went and introduced a brand-new family of opalescent shades.

These gorgeous new colours have been formulated using Wella’s Proprietary Revelationtm process, which uses artificial intelligence to analyse the hues picked out by some of the world’s best colour artists, before creating a precisely calibrated shade formula that can be used to recreate the colour in a salon setting.

And the results? Well, let’s just say that shimmering, metallic hair is suddenly a reality, and we can’t wait to get started!

What makes Illumina’s Opal-Essence special?

Pearlescent shades are notoriously difficult to get right. Especially if you’re trying to add a pastel tint or a splash of colour. Traditional pearl/metallic treatments work by adding pigments that absorb (and reflect) light in an even – or uniform – way, which is why they sometimes look a bit flat or one dimensional.

Luckily, Illumina’s Opal-Essence shades are a different story altogether. These new products are “no-depth”, which means that they don’t absorb as much light, allowing the hue to shift and change as light travels down the length of your hair.

These luxe new shades are also formulated to reflect both cool *and* warm tones depending on the way your hair bends, which is why they provide a more natural, multi-dimensional sheen.

With a normal colour light is reflected with the same hue throughout: 

Wella Traditional Colour

Whereas with an Opal-Essence colour the light is reflected with warm and cool hues depending on each bend of the hair:

They’re incredibly advanced, and they create truly spectacular hair with a mesmerising, pearlescent sheen. So, if you’re looking to do like Cara and spend the summer with a head full of bright, shimmering hair that looks like it’s got a life of its own, you need to pop down to your local Regis salon, and give these ultra-slick shades a chance to show you what they’re made of.

Titanium Rose

This shade possesses a gorgeous tone that gives a hint of warm rose with a touch of titanium. We’re big fans already and predict this shade to be even bigger throughout festival season.

Opal-Essence creates a chic and graceful metallic effect with an opalescent shine. Inspired by opals and mother-of-pearls for delicate tones, the Opal-Essence Titanium Rose shade gives a metallic milky sheen with both warm and cool light reflections as the hair gently moves and bends.

Silver Mauve

With intense violet tones and silver hues, Silver Mauve is notably the boldest of the five new Opal-Essence shades. Creative Director Kieron Fowles created this silver mauve look on existing pre-lightened hair and the results are amazing.

It’s great for guests who want to make a statement with strong tonal results or to add areas of interest to natural brunettes. Of the five Opal-Essence shades, Silver Mauve is the most neutralising and offers the most vivid tone. This means that porous parts of the hair will have more tonal dominance… Nice!

Chrome Olive

This metallic olive with silver chrome hues is ideal for reducing warm tones with opalescent results, that reveal colour changes through various movement and light. We absolutely love this shade. Working in harmony with today’s fashion trends, this opalescent metallic milky sheen injects a little bit of the catwalk to your daily life.

Opal Essence Chrome Olive Colour Illumina Wella

Platinum Lily

One of our favourite shades from Wella Professionals new Opal-Essence range, Platinum Lily creates a beautiful beige blush with a platinum finish. This magical, metallic look provides all the unique light reflections you’ll come to expect from Opal-Essence. Arguably the most subtle of the five new shades, Platinum Lily is perfect for creating an iridescent blush colour result that is both clear and sheer. Perfect for the colour client looking for a pure tone with minimal depth.

Opal Essence Platinum Lily Colour Illumina Wella

Copper Peach

Introducing the sophisticated Copper Peach by Opal Essence. This chic copper hue fused with a peach metallic shine is the perfect way to define curls with expertly placed balayage sections for maximum definition. Definitely not regarded as your average copper, this beautiful shade combines peach metallic shades with copper tones for the ultimate pearlescent finish.

Found a shade you like?

Book in to your nearest Regis salon and prepare yourself for the metallic makeover you’ve always dreamed of. We absolutely LOVE seeing you walk out of our salon doors looking and feeling great so don’t forget to share your new #opalessence hair with us @regisuk

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