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4 things you need to do to keep your hair healthy this summer

Wella Color Fresh Create

We’ve spent quite some time looking in to what Summer 2019 hair will bring, and we came to only one conclusion – it’s a real mixed bag. Fashion runways were splashed with Pantone pastel colours, elaborately elegant and embellished updos, some seriously ’80s perm revivals and lots and lots of lustrous long lengths, typically adorned with an assortment of fabric bows. That last trend looks set to continue right into autumn, if Karl Lagerfeld’s final show for Chanel was anything to go by.

But the one uniting factor in all these looks? Healthy locks.

‘When your hair is healthy, it has a natural shine and lustre,’ explains industry-renowned session stylist and Wella Professionals UK colour-trend expert Zoë Irwin. ‘Your colour looks fresh and your hair will have great movement and texture.’

Consider this: that crystal-encrusted ‘glam’ clip you spent some good £’s on isn’t going to look half as glam as it reads if it’s adorned in dry, brittle and damaged looking hair.

But with many of us inadvertently neglecting our hair or suffering from chemical damage, hormonal thinning or environmental concerns, it pays to up our game when it comes to getting your hair in tip top condition and summer ready. Here are our stylist-approved pro tips on how to achieve your glossiest, healthiest-looking mane yet.


Hair masks beg the question: you apply it to your skin, but why not on your hair?

‘If you want full, shiny hair, the first thing to do is to step up your use of hair masks,’ suggests Zoë. ‘Alternate masks. So, try one for moisture-boosting and the other to strengthen your hair. Ensure you’re masking at least twice a week or three times if you shampoo your hair daily.’ Our stylists  recommend trying Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Mask which is designed to replenish your hair’s structure for a smoother finish and provide intense conditioning from root to tip. Hair will feel a whole lot softer, smoother and revitalised from first use. To add strength try using the Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Mask, which has been developed with a NuTREE complex that has then been enriched with natural tree extract to help protect your hair against keratin degeneration helping it to stay looking and feeling great for longer. To add strength, try Fusion Intense Repair Mask to keep your locks strong and smooth.

Consider air-drying

Now that the weather is heating up nicely, and you’ve dug out your vacay shorts, shades and summer hair styling kit, now is the perfect time to put your hairdryer down. Wait, what? Yep, as the days begin to warm up, we bet you don’t even need a hairdryer to dry your hair which means you’ll be applying less heat and protecting your hair from further damage. But, what about your blow dry styling? We hear you. But consider the fact that leaving your hair to air-dry in the summer sun instead means much less heat damage and more time spent hanging by the pool and basking in the sunshine. Anndd not forgetting the fact that SS19 was all about freshly washed, delicate tendrils, outdoorsy flyaways and embracing the natural texture of your hair. Take all of this on board and you’ve got the lazy girl’s way to work this season’s hottest hair trend.

Stay Hydrated

‘If hair is lacking hydration and the cuticle is open, then the colour will fade and look dull,’ says Zoë. ‘Hydration stops you losing that all-essential luminosity.’ As well as masking, this means using a good conditioner and protecting your hair on holiday. Our stylists recommend that once you’ve air-dried, use EIMI Volume Dry Me to create voluminous and matte-textured hair whilst dabbing a little Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil on the ends to polish the look.

If you’re looking forward to diving into the pool this summer, be cautious about your hair. Ensure your hair is full of ‘good water’ before you jump in the pool or sea. This means prepping your hair beforehand by rinsing your hair with shower water and using a leave-in product like Wella Professionals Elements Lightweight Renewing Conditioner to protect against chlorine and salt water.

Consider Semi-Permanent Colour

From Marc Jacobs to Matty Bovan, SS19 was all about candy-coloured pastel hair. If bubblegum pink or millennial mint sound delicious but you don’t want to apply any more bleach to your already pre-lightened or naturally blonde hair, and you’re short on time, than this is the one for you. Less of the damage, less of the commitment, but with heaps more colour vibrancy, the team over at Wella Professionals offer a brilliantly expressive colour called COLOR FRESH CREATE, which allows you to express yourself through vivd or soft delicate hues of colour that lasts up to 20 washes. Not to mention a quick and easy service to achieve in salon and a refreshing change from your usual bleaching service. The colour range is known to fade true-to-tone over time and pastelizes during each wash, gradually fading into beautifully soft, pastel hues. How it works? Well, in a nutshell, it’s due to carefully selected colour dyes that avoid your colour fading off tone. Available as a colour service at selected Regis salons, we’ve also introduced two new shades: Tonight Dusk for deeper muted tones (likely to fade in the blue direction) and Vintage Blush for modern powdery pastels. The perfect way to stay on trend, keep your colour fresh and your hair healthy this summer.

Wella Color Fresh Create Vintage Blush
Wella Color Fresh Create Tonight Dusk
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