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5 Beauty Products to Start Using In Winter

The temperatures have dropped, and by now you’ve probably already brought out the winter wardrobe. But did you know that your beauty products also need a seasonal makeover? Our hair and skin changes a lot in the colder months, so it’s worth swapping out some of your summer favourites for products more suited to winter. Check out our top recommendations for winter-friendly hair and beauty products, and look your absolute best this season.

Leave-In Conditioners

As we bury ourselves under scarves, hats and blankets, our hair comes into contact with materials more in winter than any other season. Whipping one of these over our heads can cause static, seriously ruining even the most carefully styled ‘dos. To combat this, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner that will help add weight and smoothness to your hair once it’s dry.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Even if you don’t usually suffer from dandruff, the changes to our scalp in winter can mean you suddenly experience flaking. This is due to our skin producing less sebum during the colder months, which can lead to a dry, itchy scalp. Switch your regular shampoo to an ant-dandruff one a few times a week to keep those visible flakes at bay.

Root Boosting Products

We’ve all fell victim to the dreaded hat hair at some point or other, but this year you can make it a thing of the past by putting some extra oomph into your roots. Use these products at the root and then blast with the hairdryer for hair that won’t fall flat in the face of cold weather.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

The lack of moisture combined with the effects from harsh central heating can leave our hair looking dull and dry during the winter months. Incorporate a weekly deep conditioning mask or treatment into your routine to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Moisturising Skincare

With the cold temperatures and artificial heating, our skin can also end up dry and dull. To combat the negative effects of winter, incorporate more moisturising products into your skincare regime. Swap your normal cleanser for a cream-based one so that your skin doesn’t get stripped of any much-needed oils, and layer a serum underneath your usual moisturiser for twice the hydration.

Get Winter Ready at Regis

Stock up on some of these must-haves and we guarantee that your hair and skin will feel amazing – even on those freezing cold mornings! If you feel that you need a bit more of a boost, why not pop into salon and treat yourself to a pamper? Our hair treatments will bring your dull, winter hair back to life; or you can enjoy a rejuvenating facial.

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