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Ask the Expert: Straight Hair Hacks

When it comes to getting the best hair tips, there are no better people to ask than our Regis experts. While on set shooting our new 2016/17 campaign, we took 5 minutes with Regis stylist Daniel Benson to get his top tips for achieving a perfectly straight style.

This is a look that never goes out of fashion, as shown by Cheryl sporting the super-sleek style at Cannes this week. So how can we achieve such a glossy finish, and ensure that it stays straight? Here is some key advice from Daniel:

– It’s important to use a heat protecting spray, but make sure you’re only misting hair with the product. If you wet the hair too much, this will cause the straightening irons to sizzle over your hair, and could ultimately lead to more damage. Hold your hand around 6-8cm away from your hair when spraying any product like this.
– Immediately after passing the straightener down a section of hair, smooth the hair over with the back of your comb. But be careful which edge you use – small-toothed combs can cause static in the hair, so make sure you use the wide-toothed edge.
– The key to achieving a straight look that stays put is to take care over the ends. Smooth some serum over your ends to reduce any volume.
– Some people avoid using hairspray on straight hair as they think it can make it look crispy or flat – but hairspray actually serves another use beyond just adding hold. A light misting of hairspray will help to lock out moisture, meaning that your straight style will be more protected from any moisture or humidity in the air.

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