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Ask the Expert: Tips for Dying Hair Pink

Looking to switch up your style this season? Pink could be the hair colour for you. From girly pastels to punky magentas, we love this colour trend that has filtered down from the runways to the high street. We’ve all lusted after photos of beautiful pink hair on Instagram, but how easy is it to really achieve – and most importantly, maintain? We sat down with our pink-haired Regis colourist Dana Hoek to answer the big pink hair questions, from which shades we should choose to how to make pink hair last. If you’ve ever been interested in dying your hair pink, read on for our expert’s advice…

Who Can Go Pink?

We all know somebody who has tried to dye their hair a particular colour and found that it hasn’t taken at all. So when it comes to pink, are there are any natural colours that simply can’t make it work? According to Dana, no. “Of course there are factors that have to be taken into consideration.” she explains, “The lighter the hair, the easier it is to achieve a pastel pink. However, with the right care and patience anybody can enjoy the pink trend. Good things come to those who wait – remember that!”

So people with naturally dark hair can achieve their favourite fuscha shade, but it won’t be an instant transformation. “For instance, if a guest comes in with black box-dyed hair, it is going to be a lot more challenging to create the pastel pink look. But with the right care and maintenance – in salon and out – anything is possible. You just have to be realistic when it comes to your expectations of what can be done in one session.”

Which Shade of Pink Should I Dye My Hair? 

As we know, the spectrum of pink shades is wide – and we’re probably not going to suit all of them. A pastel pink can look amazing on one person, while completely washing another out. According to Dana, a colour consultation is key to getting this decision right. “You always need to take eye colour and skin tone into consideration when choosing the perfect shade. A guest who is medium to dark warm would be more suitable for a warmer pink, whereas a light cool to light warm would look great with a cooler pink… If you don’t take these things into consideration you’re unlikely to achieve the desired results.”

How Long Will Pink Hair Last?

Unnatural colours such as pink and blue are renowned for fading quickly, but how long can we expect the colour to stay vibrant for? “This all depends on your hair’s condition and the products you use. If your hair is quite porous, colour can fade more quickly. However, if the right precautions are taken then the colour can last around 3-6 weeks.” While six weeks might not seem like a long time to enjoy your new pink hue, there are services you can have more frequently to give your hair a bit of a boost. Dana recommends toner top-ups, which you can have every two weeks, to help maintain your colour without damaging the hair.

Which Products Will Help Pink Hair Last Longer?

There are plenty of at-home products you can use to help prolong your pink colour. “Products are essential for colour maintenance,” explains Dana, “Colour protection products such as shampoos, conditioners and oils are all great for healthy, long lasting protection outside of the salon.” Ultimately, Dana suggests that “a good middle ground between salon and home care” is essential for maintaining that beautiful pink colour.

If you think pink is the shade for you, find your local Regis salon today for your completely free colour consultation! You can also follow Dana on Instagram

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