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Beat the Blues: Beauty Tips for a Healthier, Happier You

Dark nights, post-Christmas blues and a long wait until payday. With all of these things to contend with, it’s little surprise that January is regarded as one of the gloomiest months around. This year, experts have pinned January 15th as ‘Blue Monday’, the day we’re likely to feel the strain the most. So what can you do to lift your mood and feel better – from the inside out?


From overindulging on Christmas tipples to exposure to central heating, there are several factors that can leave our skin dehydrated at this time of year. With side effects including dryness and dullness, quenching thirsty skin is one of the first things to do if you need a boost in January. We all know the benefits of drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day, but there are plenty of products that can give your skin a helping hand too.

In January, replace your normal skincare with a range specially formulate to re-hydrate. We love the Murad Resurgence range for its moisture-rich ingredients and renewing properties. The Hydrating Toner (£25.00) has chamomile and cucumber extract to nourish and refresh the skin, while the Renewing Cleansing Cream (£25.00) uses essential fatty acids to lock in moisture.

Detox Your Hair

The chances are that party season saw you adding a lot of product to your hair. From mousse and creams to waxes and hairsprays, products can build up in our hair even after washing. If you think your hair is harder to manage or looking duller than usual, it might be in need of a detox.

Luckily, sending your hair to rehab is relatively easy. Introduce a clarifying shampoo to your routine once every week or two to remove build-up. Below are some are favourite deep-cleansing products.

Enjoy Some Me-Time

After the stress of December, you deserve to book out some essential ‘you time’ in January.  Whether you love sinking into a hot bath with a new book or indulging with a massage, do whatever it is that helps you unwind.

Did you know that many of our salons offer beauty treatments as well as hair? Treat yourself to a manicure, facial or massage for an instant mood-boost – you can find your local beauty salons here. If you can’t make it to the salon, why not bring the spa to you? We love the Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel (£29.50) for relieving tired, tense muscles when you can’t splash out on a masseuse.

Take 10 with a Mask

The sudden drop in temperate means that a lot of us notice a change in our hair and skin in winter. From greasy roots caused by woolly hats to dry, chapped skin, a lot of our cold weather complaints can be fixed by investing in some new products. Whether you’re looking to deep-clean, moisturise or refresh, a treatment mask can help. And the best part? You usually need at least ten minutes for the products to sink in, giving you the perfect excuse for an extra ten minutes in the tub!

We stock a huge range of treatments for both skin and hair. If you’re looking to make hair softer and smoother, look out for ingredients such as argan oil and vitamin E; whereas if it’s brighter skin you want then you need vitamin C or glycolic acid.

Work from the Inside Out

We all know that regardless of how many products we use, if we’re not healthy on the inside then this will reflect on the outside. Overindulging during the Christmas period can impact on much more than just our weight; a lack of nutrients and protein can leave our skin dull or blemished, and our hair lacklustre.

To really look and feel your best in January, it’s important we look at our diets. Food containing fatty acids are essential for good skin and hair – choose nuts, fish and eggs to give yourself an added glow. Iron and protein are also must-have nutrients for a boost, so stock the fridge with lean meats and leafy veg.

With the right nutrition, products and time for yourself, you can beat those January blues and look and feel your best in 2018.

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