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The Best of British Hairstyles

It’s been a rather British week, hasn’t it. Union Jack flags were waving from cars, bunting adjoined houses in streets, and many a cuppa was drank. Yes, it was like the early fifties all over again as the Queen celebrated sixty years on the throne this week for her Diamond Jubilee. The celebrations were on par with the recent Royal Wedding in that streets were aligned with tables with cakes on them, London was at a standstill and the tube was packed with visitors to the capital.

To celebrate we’re bringing you our favourite British haircuts since the start of Queen Elizabeth II‘s coronation in 1953, from the Beatles’ mop-top in the sixties to Victoria Beckham’s pob in the 2000’s. Let us know if we’ve missed your favourite off in the comments below!

Mop Top (The Beatles)
The early-mid sixties was something of a transition period for Britain. London was ‘swinging’ and the counter-culture revolution was well and truly underway by the time England won the World Cup in 1966. In 1963, four young, good-looking cheeky chaps from Liverpool stormed the UK album charts with their debut, Please Please Me. Beatlemania was born. With it came the image.

John, Paul, George and Ringo set the trend for many a young man to pop into their local barbers to ask for what we all know as the ‘mop top’. Shops even sold Beatles mop top wigs! They may have inspired an American counterpart in The Monkees but the Beatles were quick to leave behind the image of suits and smart hair for an altogether more psychedelic look by ’66 (longer hair, moustaches). The mop top did live on though and inspired musicians from the likes of The Rolling Stones and Oasis.

Twiggy defined the waif-like model image of the sixties in the same way that the Beatles defined young British pop music in the same decade. Her looks certainly stood out from the regular models of the time and Twiggy became one of the most iconic fashion models of all time, and probably the most famous model of the sixties. Her mod style, as described by Regis colour educator Jayne Dempsey, was very sleek and tamed with plenty of control. You can read how to recreate Twiggy’s look here: Top Five Hairstyles Ever: Twiggy.

Kate Moss
Like Twiggy, Kate Moss defined fashion in her decade. The decade of Kate was the nineties and Brit-pop was on the cusp of worldwide domination. Along with the likes of model/actress Sadie Frost, and bands Blur, Oasis and Pulp, Kate Moss put Britain back on the map after the somewhat dismal decade of the eighties. Britain was cool again for the first time since the Beatles and Twiggy walked the streets of London. She burst onto the fashion scene in her teens in the late eighties/early nineties and by 1995 she was regularly voted one of the sexiest women in the world by men’s fashion magazines. Her hair, which has taken many forms over the years, may best be remembered in a straight, sleek blonde style.

Victoria Beckham
Another fashion icon dominates our list in Victoria Beckham; singer, fashion designer, icon and wife of David. She’s been known to have short crops and long extensions, and everything in-between, but the ‘pob’ is her signature cut and has inspired many since. A classic bob with a modern edge, the pob sees one length tucked behind the ear whilst the other falls down the other side with a sharp edge.

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